“They treated me like I was dirt”: Dwayne Johnson Not the Only Actor Humiliated by NFL

Dwayne Johnson and Terry Crews were treated awfully by the NFL, resulting in both actors disliking the organization.

"They treated me like I was dirt": Dwayne Johnson Not the Only Actor Humiliated by NFL


  • Dwayne Johnson tried to become a part of the NFL, briefly signing on with the Calgary Stampeders, however, he was cut out in his first season.
  • Johnson isn’t the only one to have had a negative incident with the NFL as, actor, Terry Crews, has a much worse story, being treated horribly during tryouts.
  • The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor, referring to it as a cult, was treated so badly that be left the organization all together, hinting that they may not have the player's best interests at heart.
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Dwayne Johnson has been a part of the film industry for quite some time. Throughout his lengthy career, he has tried many skins, from acting in projects like Black Adam, the Jumanji films, and The Fast and Furious franchise, to singing in Moana, and famously, wrestling for the WWE. What many might not know, is the fact that he also tried his hand at becoming a professional football player.

Dwayne Johnson as The Rock
Dwayne Johnson as The Rock

In 1995, the actor tried to become a part of the NFL, however, this was to no avail. He briefly signed on with the Calgary Stampeders. However, he was cut out in his first season. Though this is quite an unfortunate experience, Johnson isn’t the only one to have had a negative incident with the NFL, as actor Terry Crews has a much worse story.

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Dwayne Johnson Isn’t The Only One At Odds With The NFL

Terry Crews had a short-lived career with the NFL, having played for many different teams, including the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers, until he retired in 1996. The actor gave an interview with First We Feast, where he went into detail about his experience with the NFL, and it wasn’t positive in any way. He explained that in 1996, he was trying out for the San Francisco 49ers, and the experience he had, during this can only be described as awful.

Terry Crews
Terry Crews

“They treated me so bad. I mean, they treated me like I was dirt.” That, he explained, “I remember coming home to my wife, and I said, ‘Never again. Never again. I was so done.”

He mentioned that the attitude the team had towards him was borderline derogatory. Comparing it to being treated like the dirt under someone’s shoe, the actor could not get past this experience. He mentioned that it was so bad that he came home to his wife that day and made a decision to never try out for the NFL ever again.

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Terry Crews Thinks The NFL Is Like A Cult

Terry Crews has spoken in of the NFL in the past before, specifically in 2014, when former players were suing the organization forgiving that players, pain, medication, and other drugs so that they could keep on playing, ignoring the long-term risks of such activities. The actor was asked by Sports Illustrated if he ever had a similar experience during his time working with them.

Terry Crews
Terry Crews

“There is this thing where the team kind of looks at [itself] as your father,” he said. “It’s like ‘You’d do this for the team, right?” he went on, “It’s really like a cult. I’m going to say it. The NFL is a cult … you believe in it and you’re like ‘They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. They never would.’ And, uh oh, maybe they would.”

To this question, Crews had a very interesting, stating that the organization looked at itself as a father figure for its players. He mentioned that the NFL may not have the players’ well-being as their top priority and uses emotional means to get them to do what they want. He added that it was almost cult-like, where the players have faith that the organization wouldn’t do anything to hurt them, when in actuality that is not the case.


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