“They try to make things normal but it’s so awkward”: Jenna Ortega of Wednesday Fame Reveals Disney Forces Young Stars to Attend Separate Prom Events to Socialize to Create More Disney Kids in the Process

“They try to make things normal but it’s so awkward”: Jenna Ortega of Wednesday Fame Reveals Disney Forces Young Stars to Attend Separate Prom Events to Socialize to Create More Disney Kids in the Process
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Jenna Ortega recently became the new era’s “it girl” after her brilliant performance in Netflix’s Wednesday, a spinoff of the much-loved, The Addams Family. Her performance was well-received by fans who took to Twitter to state that they believe in Jenna Ortega’s supremacy after her show broke the record of Stranger Things.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega recently made her first late-night talk show appearance where she talked about everything from the commercials she did at a young age to her mom driving her out to LA for auditions. She also lets viewers know about how Disney tries to make child actors feel more comfortable and help them socialize. Apparently, Disney has its own prom for its actors!

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Jenna Ortega Calls Disney’s Prom “Awkward”

A still from Netflix’s Wednesday

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While making her first late night talk show appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jenna Ortega talked about her school life and how no one really cared about her doing commercials for companies like McDonald’s. When asked if she attended public school, Ortega replied that while she did, all of that changed when she did a Disney show, Stuck in the Middle. After appearing in the show, Ortega revealed that for a majority of her high school, she was homeschooled.

Now, prom is usually a big deal in high schools. So since Ortega was homeschooled, it’s a natural curiosity if she had the opportunity to experience the highs and lows of a high school prom night. Host Jimmy Kimmel asked her if she ever went to a prom and if she did, did she have to go with her mom, he jokingly added. Ortega surprisingly revealed that while there were proms, Disney also had its own version, just for the actors, and she got to attend that one.


When Kimmel asked if it was done to get the actors to know each other and meet, Ortega replied that it might’ve been to make them feel “normal.” Even if Disney had good intentions, the Wednesday star revealed that it was just plain awkward.

“I think they’re trying to make us feel normal, but it’s just really awkward because you don’t know these kids, and their parents are there, and people are socializing and promoting themselves. It’s a really sweet thing on Disney’s part, but it is a bit odd.”

Kimmel added his two cents to the news stating that he felt there’s more to the event than just helping kids socialize and feel normal. According to him, Disney just might’ve been trying to create more actors for them. Whatever the case, Ortega didn’t seem too fond of the event!

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Jenna Ortega’s Early Career

stuck in the middle
Jenna Ortega in Stuck in the Middle

Before becoming the industry’s new favorite gal with Wednesday, she had already dipped her toes into the industry, with appearances in shows like CSI: NY and her film debut in Iron Man 3. She also had a supporting role in the sequel of a popular horror film, Insidious. Her other work includes, Richie Rich, Stuck in the Middle, You, The Fallout and much more.

In the interview with Kimmel, Ortega talked about the commercials she did when she started acting. She stated that as she “had no connection to Hollywood or the industry” she started off with commercials, including one for Old Navy. She also became “McDonald’s girl” as she did three commercials for the popular fast food joint.

They had me dance around a room and do certain things but most of all they would assign foods to the girls. There was usually me with another girl, another two girls. ‘Okay you’re fries, you’re nuggets, you’re apples’ and every single time without fail, I was apples.”

Looks like Ortega has gone through a rollercoaster of roles when before getting her due fame. She will next be seen in the Paramount+ thriller, Finestkind, directed by Brian Helgeland.


Wednesday is available to stream on Netflix.

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