“They wasted him in Shazam”: Not Ryan Reynolds But DC Fans Want Another Star From His Green Lantern to Join James Gunn’s Lanterns Show

Not Ryan Reynolds, fans demand another iconic actor from his 2011 ‘Green Lantern’ to appear in James Gunn's ‘Lanterns’.

James Gunn, Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern
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  • James Gunn teased important updates surrounding the upcoming Lanterns TV show in development under Max.
  • Gunn’s update sparked rumors about casting when fans demanded the potential appearance of Sinestro as the villain.
  • After Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern set up Sinestro as the villain, fans are now urging Lanterns to bring back Strong.
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Back in 2023, more than a decade after the release of Ryan Reynolds’ infamous Green Lantern movie, James Gunn announced his plans for a Max series, Lanterns, focusing on the Emerald Knights. Although not much has been revealed about the potential show, rumors have floated around regarding the casting choice.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern (2011) | Warner Bros. DC Entertainment

In a surprising turn of events, DC fans are rallying behind one actor from Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern to appear in James Gunn’s upcoming Lanterns show. And it’s none other than Mark Strong, who previously played the iconic villain Sinestro in the 2011 movie.

James Gunn’s Lanterns Can Deliver Sinestro as the Villain

Alongside his upcoming Superman movie starring David Corenswet, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn revealed the official creative team is working simultaneously for one of the big DC Universe TV shows that is currently in development. As the announcement from Gunn’s official Instagram account hit social media about the potential Lanterns show, it sparked rumors about casting and characters.


While it was previously announced that Lanterns would focus on John Stewart and Hal Jordan as the leading characters, netizens are now curious about the potential villain in the show. That’s when ScreenRant teased the idea of delivering Sinestro as the main antagonist in James Gunn’s upcoming TV series.

Mark Strong Green Lantern
Mark Strong as Sinestro in Green Lantern (2011) | Warner Bros. DC Entertainment

Previously, in Ryan Reynolds‘ 2011 movie, Sinestro was a major character portrayed by Mark Strong, who acted as the commanding officer of the Green Lantern Corps. However, in a turn of events, while initially persuading the Guardians of the Universe to forge a yellow ring wielding the energy of fear to combat the rampaging Parallax, Sinestro was later seen putting on the yellow ring during Green Lantern‘s end-credits scene.

Fans Campaign for Mark Strong’s Sinestro in DC’s Lanterns

The cliffhanger end-credit scene from Ryan Reynolds’ infamous 2011 movie thus left Sinestro up as the villain for a potential Green Lantern sequel. But since DC never released a second installment after Reynolds’ standalone film turned into a major disaster, fans now believe Lanterns could be the remedy for that.


Considering Green Lantern left an opening for Mark Strong’s Sinestro to complete his story, fans are now campaigning for the actor to appear in James Gunn’s potential Lanterns. Strong’s performance as the complex and nuanced Sinestro left a lasting impression on fans, who are now eager to see him reprise the role.



With James Gunn’s reputation for breathing new life into beloved characters, fans believe Mark Strong’s Sinestro would be a perfect addition to the show. Additionally, since fans believe Strong’s portrayal of Sinestro in the 2011 film was underutilized, they rally behind the actor to offer him a second chance. Further, with Strong’s proven talent, his casting could be a game-changer for the upcoming Lanterns.


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