“They were horrible”: Sandra Bullock’s Horrific Experience Made Actress Reject Lucrative Offer for a Sequel That Could’ve Earned Her Millions

Sandra Bullock opted out of a sequel that had the potential to bring in millions.

“They were horrible”: Sandra Bullock’s Horrific Experience Made Actress Reject Lucrative Offer for a Sequel That Could’ve Earned Her Millions


  • Sandra Bullock denied doing a sequel to her 2013 comedy film The Heat.
  • Her decision to reject the sequel was influenced by her earlier experiences with movie sequels.
  • Sequels to her movies Speed and Miss Congeniality were not as successful as anticipated.
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Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock has faced disappointment in the sequels like Speed 2: Cruise Control and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. These failures appear to have led to her reluctance towards sequels, which is evident by her decision not to follow up her successful film The Heat. The actress took a stance against dwelling on the failures of previous films, as she stated during an interview that she would not make a sequel to Paul Feig’s film.

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Sandra Bullock is Not Willing to do a Sequel to The Heat

Starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, Paul Feig’s 2013 film, The Heat, follows FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Boston Detective Shannon Mullins on a quest to take down a mobster in Boston. The film was a commercial hit, making $229 million at the box office on a $43 million budget.

sandra bullock and melissa mccarthy
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

Critics also praised Bullock and McCarthy’s chemistry. However, when asked if she would be returning as Sarah Ashburn alongside the Gilmore Girls star, Bullock said, “I’m not doing a sequel to The Heat.” She shared that although she enjoyed working with McCarthy, she is not too keen on the idea of a sequel.


“What Melissa [McCarthy] and I had was beautiful. We might do another film together,” she told The Wrap. Stating the reason why she is not interested in doing a sequel to the 2013 film, the Oscar-winning actress said, “I’ve done two sequels. They were horrible.”

Sandra Bullock in a still from Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

The sequels that she was talking about are Speed 2: Cruise Control and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. Both sequels performed poorly at the box office and among critics despite their predecessors being quite successful.


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Sandra Bullock Expresses a Shift in Her Mindset

The sequels to both Speed and Miss Congeniality have not been that great. While the failure of these movies has caused the actress to deny following up with the sequel of many of her hit movies, including The Heat, Bullock has expressed her wish to make a shift further in her career.

Sandra Bullock in The Lost City
The Lost City

In an interview with Variety, Bullock shared that she has become more assertive when it comes to projects she genuinely believes will be impactful on screen. “I had a ‘no sequel’ rule when I didn’t have the benefit of fighting for what I really wanted,” she said.

She further said, “I feel like, in my old age, I’m learning to fight for the things that I think would be best on screen — and I don’t care who comes away from the meeting angry.” The statement highlights that Bullock might be willing to take on the potential sequels. While there is no official announcement related to it, she could reprise her role as Loretta in a potential The Lost City sequel.


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