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“They were like, ‘Really, Hugh?'”: Hugh Jackman’s Low Pay Passion Project Enraged a Lot of People

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Hugh Jackman is famous for playing the wild and muscular Wolverine on-screen, but off-screen he is known to fans as the nicest man alive (alongside Keanu Reeves of course). His fans have cherished his movies like The Prestige and Van Helsing, just like they have every film where his Wolverine takes his claws out. But once upon a time, the actor was afraid of spreading his wings and doing alternative projects.

Jackman’s management believed that the actor had an image to maintain publically and without it, his career will get cut short. The actor bought their way of thinking, but ultimately he had to pay the price when he had to leave a role he badly wanted to play.

Hugh Jackman’s Image Consciousness Made Him Miss A Great Opportunity

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

In an interview with IndieWire, Hugh Jackman revealed the advice he received when he was just starting as an actor. The Logan actor said that he was told to be mysterious and closed off. Jackman said, “When I was getting into this business, the playbook for being a movie star was being mysterious. Don’t let anybody in. Leave them wanting more. Don’t reveal things. Project a certain image.” 

The actor took this advice to his heart and that proved fatal for him. So even though he wanted to play the lead role of Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz, he let it go. But when he finally saw the end product, he realized the mistake he had made. Jackman said, “I realized it was one of the best parts I had ever seen, and I felt sick to my stomach. All the strategizing, and I missed it.”

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Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz Broadway production
Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz Broadway production

However, thankfully, he got another shot at the role in a 1998 Broadway production of The Boy from Oz. But there were hurdles this time too. Jackman had just starred in X-Men and he was lauded for his performance as Wolverine. So he was again getting the same advice regarding his career. Jackman said to Men’s Journal:

“Many people were like, ‘This is a really bad idea, this is 18 months of your life; by the time it’s over, you could be back auditioning with everybody else.’ They were like, ‘Really, Hugh? This is not your image, this is not good.'” 

However, The Greatest Showman star soon realized that it was better for his career and mental health if he did the projects he was interested in, rather than keep eternally trying to keep up a facade.

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The Turning Point In Hugh Jackman’s Career Beliefs 

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman was exhausted from listening to the kind of career advice that was not allowing him to express himself and go after the projects he wanted. So he broke free of those shackles and did the films he loved. This change also made him want to project an authentic image of himself rather than an idealized one. The Wolverine actor said in the IndieWire interview:

“Now I think there’s a responsibility for someone like me to discuss the fear of talking about vulnerability. Of course, I’d rather go through the things that everybody goes through rather than projecting some idealized version of myself. I am trying to do that more publicly.”

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The Australia star also stated that “I try to be myself as much as I can when I’m not acting, for better or worse.” The actor also clarified that his authentic personality is actually treating people with respect because that’s how he was raised. Jackman has certainly charmed many with his personality. He will be seen next in Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds where he will reprise his role of Wolverine.

Deadpool 3 will hit theaters on 8 November 2024.

Source: IndieWire and Men’s Journal

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