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“They were openly mocked because of that”: Joe Rogan Believes Humiliation After Jada Smith’s Infidelity Caused Will Smith’s Infamous Meltdown Against Chris Rock at Oscars

"They were openly mocked because of that": Joe Rogan Believes Humiliation After Jada Smith's Infidelity Caused Will Smith's Infamous Meltdown Against Chris Rock at Oscars

Joe Rogan is well known for his controversial podcast and jokes. Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, manages to make headlines in one way or the other. Every comment passed in a conversation with Rogan is worthy of its independent headline. Rogan surely shares his views openly but in a pretty controversial fashion. The most shocking public incident of last year was surely Will Smith’s surprise slap to Chris Rocks and of course, Rogan couldn’t let the incident just pass by without sharing his views on it.

Though Will Smith’s slap made a pretty thunderous noise that could easily be heard in every corner of the globe, let’s summarize the most shocking incident in Oscar’s history. Chris Rock, the American comedian, made a joke about the Bad Boys star’s wife. Rock commented on Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head caused due to her medical condition of alopecia. The joke seemed to offend the Emancipation star to such an extent that he decided to walk onto the stage and slap Chris Rock.

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Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Defended His Fellow Comedian

Joe Rogan openly criticized Will Smith’s slap which occurred on the most esteemed award night. The UFC commentator also questioned the whole scene as he stated that the King Richard star was emotionally unstable at that instance. Rogan defended Chris Rock by saying that it was his job to roast celebrities mildly to make the night more entertaining as he was hired for it. He even added that Rock’s statement was never an insult to Jada Pinkett Smith.

“First of all, that whole scene…is a great example of what’s wrong with the glorification of just being able to go up to someone and smack them in the face. He is like emotionally fragile and he acted on impulse. I think it is a foolish impulse that you do when you know there are no consequences. Chris Rock was doing his f**king job. You don’t go sit in the front row, you’re a star at the Oscars. There’s a professional comedian whose job is to roast people. That’s what he’s doing, and what he did was not even insulting. It was a mild joke… That was not an insult, it was the most mild joke about her hairstyle.”

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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

Joe Rogan Blames Will and Jada Smith’s Open Relationship For The Infamous Oscar Slap

Rogan revealed his thoughts on the true roots of the emotions that triggered the Men in Black star’s controversial actions. Rogan highlighted the fact that the Smiths had gone through a lot of distress and public criticism for the status of the open relationship between Will and Jada Smith. With the stars, especially Jada Pinkett Smith being the victim of the internet’s hate, Rock’s joke came as a final addition to Will Smith’s outburst.

“Well, I think what we’re looking at is also the combination of a long period of like, emotional distress. That family has been public about all the issues and you know the conversations they had to have like the two of them together about infidelity or open relationships and they were openly mocked because of that but I think there is a certain defensiveness that comes along with that when you have been out in the public getting mocked.”

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Jada Smith and Will Smith
Jada Smith and Will Smith

It looked like Rogan criticized Smith’s action but also understood the fact that his actions were a result of past distress and sentiments. Will Smith has openly apologized for his actions as he currently struggles to gain back the lost trust of the audience.

Source: The Joe Rogan Experience

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