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“They wouldn’t budge on taking out the s*x scene”: Jessica Simpson’s Conservative Views Made Her Turn Down $117M Cult-Classic Movie, Regretted After Finding Out She Missed Out Kissing Ryan Gosling

"They wouldn't budge on taking out the s*x scene": Jessica Simpson's Conservative Views Made Her Turn Down $117M Cult-Classic Movie, Regretted After Finding Out She Missed Out Kissing Ryan Gosling

Jessica Simpson has been in a lot of movies and has done various roles that reflect just how talented of an actress she is. When it comes to some of the movies that have been made iconic and even bigger cult classics, The Notebook has a special place in the fans’ hearts. With all the movies that celebrities have rejected, there are many they regret. Receive, reject, regret; this is a process many actors and actresses have gotten used to.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Simpson has her name in quite a lot of movies but her talent lies mainly in her career as a singer. She might not even be the first choice when one thinks of Rachel McAdams’ blockbuster movie. However, she actually decided to turn down the movie.

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Jessica Simpson Chose Not To Do The Notebook

Jessica Simpson revealed that she had an opportunity to star in Ryan Gosling’s The Notebook but opted out of it. Her beliefs were much different from what the movie proposed. The actress was even considering whether or not to audition for the movie at all.

Ryan Gosling The Notebook
The Notebook

“I had read the script but turned it down because they wouldn’t budge on taking out the s*x scene.”

There was one scene in particular that really bothered her. It included the two leads having intercourse. While she tried asking them to remove the scene, they were not willing to budge. Her ideology and belief was very open and she was very focused on her conservative beliefs. These included her choice of not having intercourse before marriage. So according to her, the display of the same was also going against her values. The significance of the scene made it clear that the filmmakers would not remove it no matter what. So the actress chose to opt out of the movie altogether.

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Jessica Simpson Regretted Not Having Kissed Ryan Gosling

Jessica Simpson admitted that while she chose not to audition at that moment, she regretted not picking the part or even trying out for it. When she had a chance to audition, the role of Noah was still open. So she had no idea about who would be taking the part later on. However, when someone did, she was left dumbfounded.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling stood as Noah and Simpson was profusely regretting her decision. The actress had the hots for the actor for as long as she could remember. So to see an opportunity this great slipping from her hands was not a kind sight. The movie could have changed her career forevermore, however, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be.

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