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“They wouldn’t even let me interview for the job”: Daredevil: Born Again Refused Charlie Cox’s Stuntman from Netflix Series Amidst Reports of CGI Infested Fight Scenes

“They wouldn’t even let me interview for the job”: Daredevil: Born Again Refused Charlie Cox’s Stuntman from Netflix Series Amidst Reports of CGI Infested Fight Scenes

The wait for the upcoming reboot of the Daredevil franchise is up and coming in the MCU as a brand new TV series and fans just couldn’t help but satiate that thirst for new Matt Murdock content by rewatching the Netflix version of the series. It’s simply a spectacle for even the average action-genre lover.

The fight scenes, especially that one hallway scene in season 3 of Drew Goddard’s Daredevil, and many other fight sequences are all the reasons to stan for fans of the popular Marvel character. Now one would think Marvel would make a wise choice and hire the stuntman from the Netflix version to work on the upcoming Disney+ reboot of the TV series, but that has not been the case.

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Daredevil Stuntman Wasn’t Even Considered For New Disney+ Reboot

The original series for Netflix based on the Daredevil character is a work of art. The fight scenes, in this case, were just on a different level of production quality, and Charlie Cox’s character looked super badass in those scenes.

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Christopher Brewster

But the real credit for how amazing those scenes turned out has to be given to Christopher Brewster, the stuntman who doubled for Charlie Cox in the TV series. It would only make sense for Marvel Studios to hire Brewster as the stuntman for Cox once again, but as the stuntman himself says, he wasn’t even considered for the job.

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During a Twitter interaction between a fan and Cox’s double on Twitter, Brewster explained why he has no role in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again. The fan asks if he would be working on it, to which he said-

“I love you all. Unfortunately, Marvel not only hired somebody else; they wouldn’t even let me interview for the job.”

There’s a reason why the Netflix TV series got such a huge fan following. Everyone loves a bit of action, and Daredevil had a ton of it- what’s going to be missing this time is Brewster’s input into those scenes.

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What Would Daredevil: Born Again‘s Fight Scenes Look Like Then?

It’s hard to assess what fans might be getting out of the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again TV series in terms of action now. Christopher Brewster’s work as Charlie Cox‘s stuntman was a defining factor in all the action sequences that the Netflix series graced fans with.

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Now fans are left wondering how well Marvel Studios will be able to pull off those fight scenes without Brewster. But if fans take a close look at the positive side of all this, it could mean that Born Again will now have fight scenes that are on another level.

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The secret ingredient here is money. With all the money that Marvel Studios has amassed due to success after success with its projects, it will definitely have the budget required to utilize CGI so as to bring a sense of grandeur to fight scenes in Born Again.

So fans of the popular Marvel character are winning either way, hopefully. But they’ll always remember how captivating the fight scenes in Daredevil were.

Daredevil: Born Again will premiere in Spring 2024 on Disney+.

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