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“They’ll wish they’d worn their brown pants”: Ryan Reynolds Becomes Real-Life Superhero to Inspire Brave Kid After Surgery, Calls His Scar ‘Street Cred’

Ryan Reynolds Becomes Real-Life Superhero to Inspire Brave Kid After Surgery

Ryan Reynolds’ rise in the superhero genre has been colossal and has redefined the anti-hero trope with his wisecracking, fourth-wall-breaking portrayal of Deadpool.

But apart from being a deadly assassin in the Marvel universe, the actor hasn’t shied away from pulling real-life heroic acts to fulfill others’ wishes.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds turns into a real-life hero for a 13-year-old boy

During a young boy’s recuperation from heart disease, his father Ivan Hollingsworth took to Twitter and asked help from people to help him find a Marvel star who might be willing to send a video message for his son Seb before the open heart surgery.

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After the post garnered abundant support from all around the globe, the wisecracking Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds was the first one to turn up for help as he commented under the post, “Can you open your DM’s?” which left Hollingsworth and his son in complete shock and tears of joy. In the DM, the actor dedicated a video for the brave child with a heartfelt message saying,

“Hi, I’m Ryan. You can call me Deadpool, call me Green Lantern, call me anything you like, call me baby, I don’t mind, I know you’re going through it pal, It sounds like you’ve got a ton of amazing people who are in your corner and love you very much. I just want to send you all my well wishes and send you all my love.”

Seb had to undergo open heart surgery when he was just 16 weeks old and had to go through it again at the age of 13, but this time the kid was inspired by his superhero and put on a brave stride going into the surgery. The boy later shared a humorous video by saying, “That scar is street cred for life” and the actor admired the kid’s brave gesture and followed up with an amusing comment, “Show the bad guys that scar, and they’ll wish they’d worn their brown pants.”

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Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy
Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

Fans commended Ryan Reynolds’ heroic gesture

Ryan Reynolds hasn’t shied away from inspiring and helping kids in times of need on numerous occasions. Twitter too hasn’t shied away from acknowledging the actor’s act of kindness and care for these young brave souls.

The actor’s heroic gesture to ensure the kid’s wish has fans and the kid’s father in complete awe, as Hollingsworth expressed his admiration for the actor by saying, “It’s just amazing that he’s taken the time to do it, and it’s not just for show, it means a lot,”. The fans too shared abundant respect and love for both Seb and Ryan Reynolds, for uplifting the kid’s spirits.

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Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Apart from playing an onscreen hero, Ryan Reynolds has repeatedly stood out as a real-life hero for many people in need. With Seb being in a much better condition after the operation, his father Hollingsworth has shared his gratitude for the actor’s noble deeds.

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