“They’re making it seem like I’m losing my mind”: Tom Cruise Reveals Oprah Winfrey Set Him Up to Look ‘Crazy’ in Shocking 2005 Interview That Became an Internet Sensation

"They're making it seem like I'm losing my mind": Tom Cruise Reveals Oprah Winfrey Set Him Up to Look 'Crazy' in Shocking 2005 Interview That Became an Internet Sensation
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When we talk about Tom Cruise, the first thing that comes to mind are all the action sequences that the actor has done without the help of a professional stuntman, then comes all the films that he has done. Considered to be one of the most daring and brave actors in the industry with guts of steel to pull off stunts on his own, most might think of him as an adrenaline junkie who lives off the thrills of doing borderline deadly action sequences.

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (2017).
Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

But what people might not know about the Top Gun actor is the fact that along with his addiction to action, he also possesses a quirky side to him which is generally eclipsed beneath his persona. This side of him was once revealed to the public during his interview with Oprah Winfrey, where it seemed like the actor was going hog wild. But later, it was revealed that this was all just a staged act which was to make him look like he had lost it on set.

Tom Cruise Was Set Up By Oprah Winfrey To Appear Like He Had Lost His Mind

Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise during their infamous interview
Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise during their infamous interview

The interview in this conversation took place in 2005 in the Tom Cruise Oprah Special, which was a segment where Oprah Winfrey brought out the big guns and invited the very talented action hero Tom Cruise to the studio, where the pair had wanted to start a conversation to give the public insights into the Mission Impossible star’s life. But as the whole Hollywood industry would soon come to know, this was not going to be a typical Winfrey interview.


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During the interview, audiences were dumbfounded to see Cruise get overexcited during his conversation with Winfrey to the point that he jumped on top of the couch in the middle of talking to her, and a whole lot of other things that looked like he was losing his mind by just being there. This was the general consensus that the star had taken too many injuries to the head while performing the action sequences that made him act the way he did. But during The Howard Stern Show, Seth Rogen revealed that Cruise had a couple of things to say about the infamous interview. During his strange meeting with Rogen, Cruise said:

“Well, yeah, they’re making it seem like I’m losing my mind, there’s a coordinated effort to make it appear that way. They edited it to make it look so much worse than it was. They do that all the time.”

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What Is Next For Tom Cruise?

Joseph Kosinski's Top Gun 2
Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun: Maverick

As can be expected by the legend, Tom Cruise is known to turn any project that he touches into a masterpiece. From taking on foes one after the other in the Mission Impossible series to reviving an old classic in the modern age with the blockbuster requel Top Gun: Maverick, there’s nothing that is impossible for Cruise. With the 7th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise on its way, it seems like we might just get another installation of the Top Gun series as well.

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Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, in cinemas on 14th July 2023


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