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“They’ve lost themselves to this business”: Tom Holland Hints Early Retirement, Knows Hollywood is a Curse That Breaks Men

Tom Holland doesn't want to lose himself to Hollywood, stressing that he wants to live a normal life

"They've lost themselves to this business": Tom Holland Hints Early Retirement, Knows Hollywood is a Curse That Breaks Men


  • While he loves the medium, Tom Holland isn't a fan of Hollywood itself.
  • Holland emphasized the fact of just wanting to live a normal life.
  • The emotional toll from filming The Crowded Room pushed him to take a brief hiatus.

Since starting out as Billy Elliot in the West End production of Billy Elliot back in 2009, Tom Holland has cemented himself as one of the most renowned stars of our time, mostly thanks to Spider-Man. And while things aren’t looking to slow down anytime for the British Star, with the actor set to reprise his biggest role for Spider-Man 4, it appears Holland isn’t too fond of his life in showbiz.

Although he loves challenging himself as an actor, with one major example being The Crowded Room, Holland feels that the Entertainment industry might not be meant for him.

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Tom Holland in a still from Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tom Holland

Tom Holland Is Scared of Hollywood

While Tom Holland treasures the medium and loved the challenge that came with The Crowded Room, he isn’t pretty fond of the business itself. Expanding on the matter, the No Way Home Star opened up about losing so many friends to this business, stressing he doesn’t want to go the same route and just wants to live a normal life. Speaking on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, he said,

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“Look, I really am a massive fan of making movies but I really do not like Hollywood, it is not for me. The business really scares me… I’ve seen so many people come before me and lose themselves, and I’ve had friends that I’ve grown up with that aren’t friends of mine anymore, because they’ve lost themselves to this business.” He continued, “I just am really, really keen to focus on what makes me happy, which is my family, it’s my friends. It’s my carpentry, my golf, the charity that my mom runs.”

Although it does seem that Holland might be done with Hollywood, it isn’t the case just yet, however, he did take a year-long hiatus from the business after The Crowded Room.

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Tom Holland in The Crowded Room.
Tom Holland

The Crowded Room Pushed Tom Holland to Take a Break

The last few years have witnessed Tom Holland taking more dynamic gigs in order to put his acting prowess to the forefront, and this year’s The Crowded Room witnessed Holland giving it all. While the show as a whole failed to score big among critics, the Uncharted Star put himself through the wringer for the role, which was emotionally and physically draining for the actor. Even though he loved the challenge, the mental aspect really beat him up, resulting in the actor resorting to a year-long break before getting back to business. He told Extra back in June:


“I’m now taking a year off, and that is a result of how difficult this show was. I am excited to see how it turns out. I feel like our hard work wasn’t in vain.”

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Tom Holland in The Crowded Room
Tom Holland | The Crowded Room

Although many spun the case that it might be the bad reviews from critics that led him to take a break, Tom Holland brushed off those rumors, saying he was just chilling playing golf.

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