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‘It’s One of My Fondest Memories’: James Caan Revealed His Favorite Movie He Starred In, and It’s Not the Godfather

James Caan Revealed His Favorite Movie He Starred In and Its Not the Godfather

Recently the demise of James Caan has put Hollywood on a mourning row as they lost one of their finest actors. With movies like Misery, Bottle Rocket, and The Godfather under his name, James Caan was loved by everyone and people still admire his films. Various people have their own various James Caan favorites, the most prominent of them being The Godfather, but it’s not the case with the actor as he has something else to say.

James Caan passes away
From left to right, Salvatore Corsitto as Bonasera, James Caan as Santino ‘Sonny’ Corleone, and Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone in ‘The Godfather’.

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What was James Caan’s Fondest Memory?

James Caan passed away at 82
James Caan passed away at 82

The Sonny Corleone Actor started his career in the 1960s which means he has an experience of nearly 60 years and within this period he has worked in several amazing movies and with various ranges of Directors and although he lies in many of our fondest memories as the beloved Corleone but it’s not the same case as the star himself.

According to him, his favorite work is Thief. It may surprise a few fans about this but it should be remembered that what we tend to make our favorite is solely based on our movie-watching experience while the actors are an integral part of the movie and thus they rate their experience based on that.

During Godfather, James Caan was just rising in his career while during Thief, he was a big shot and as a result of it, he had much authority of his own in the movie. James Caan stated:

“[A]t the time I was a big shot, and whatever I wanted to do, they did. I said I wanted to do this. Jerry Bruckheimer and my brother produced – and if you knew my brother, that’s hysterical. Those two guys producing it. And Michael – this little Napoleonic workaholic. This guy was nuts. But I liked it, that film, and that character. It’s one of my fondest memories.”

So although Thief is not a perfect movie or better than Godfather from James Caan’s point of view, it is definitely a wise move as he could do and did a lot more as the main lead in Thief than in The Godfather.

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Did James Caan Make a Wise Choice?

James Caan favorite movie
James Caan’s favorite movie was Thief

Besides all movie doing experience and playing the main lead, is the Fondest memory of James Caan a really fond one? The answer is obviously Yes.

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James Caan had a fine taste as Thief is really a classy Crime Thriller. Starting from the performances to the cinematography and neo-noir style, the movie is amazing. The Background Score also did a splendid job as it creates a mind-blowing aura and as per the main role, nobody could have been better than the late actor himself. So The Godfather may have failed to make it to his list still what’s there is also an absolute treat to watch.

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