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“Things have changed”: Ezra Miller’s Conversation With Michael Keaton Exposes Major Major Difference Between Him And Ben Affleck’s Batman

"Things have changed": Ezra Miller's Conversation With Michael Keaton Exposes Major Major Difference Between Him And Ben Affleck's Batman

The Flash is in the news ever since it was first announced. With Ezra Miller’s controversies as well as Michael Keaton’s return as the caped crusader, The Flash has been making headlines from the beginning.

Michael Keaton to return as Batman
Michael Keaton to return as Batman

Recently, as per new footage released from the movie, it has been revealed that things have really changed in the DC verse, revealing major differences between Keaton’s Batman and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

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Major Difference Revealed Between Ben Affleck And Michael Keaton’s Batman

Michael Keaton as The Batman
Michael Keaton as The Batman

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With Michael Keaton’s return as the iconic caped superhero, fans are anticipating to know how well the storyline plays out with two Batmans in a multiverse-themed movie. The new clip revealed shows the two Flash from alternate timelines trying to recruit the now-retired Michael Keaton’s Batman to help save their world from General Zod. Despite the pleas of Ezra Miller‘s Flash, battered by old-age Bruce Wayne replies that he has done enough, and he is no longer required anymore. When the other Flash exclaims he is Batman, he replies

 “Not so much anymore. You know, why need me? Things have changed, Gotham is now one of the safest cities in the world.” 

Not having any, the main Barry Allen goes on to persuade Michael Keton’s retired Batman to help them out and don the cape once more.

“I need you, we need you. In my timeline, Batman’s our strategist, our leader. The world needs Superman. You’re the best detective in the world. You’re probably the only person who can help me find him, So will you help us?”

Hearing this somewhat sincere and desperate plea, Michael Keaton once replies in his raspy voice ‘Yes’. This small 55-second clip has revealed a major difference between Keaton’s and Affleck’s Batmen, as Ben Affleck‘s Batman would have never shied away to help out when it comes to saving the world. It clearly exposes how Michael Keaton‘s Batman comes about in The Flash. Now, what would be exciting to see is how the two Batman will coordinate and complement each other on screen.

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Michael Keaton’s Return Is Like Bringing Back The Beatles

The Flash will be releasing on 16 June
The Flash will be released on 16 June

Fans have been crazily frantic over the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. Even the director of The FlashAndy Muschietti, is beyond excited to be the one bringing back this iconic character. Expressing how it left a deep impression, unlike the other Batmans, Muschietti was unable to contain his excitement. He exclaimed,

“It’s like bringing back the classic, like bringing back the Beetles. Most people think they won’t see that again in their lifetime.”

And we couldn’t help but agree that it would certainly be exciting to have Tim Burton‘s Batman return after years.

The Flash will be hitting the theatres on June 16, 2023.

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