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12 Glamorized Things In Movies That Would Be A Nightmare In Real Life

Movies are supposed to help us escape our reality. Their fictional stories and our real lives are worlds apart. Though the directors manage to build relatable stories and characters, some parts are only meant for the screen. Experiencing these things in real life might turn out to be extremely painful. No, we are not referring to Tom Cruise’ stunts, but the most basic activities of life that look great only on the screen. Find out the glamorized things in movies that would be a nightmare in real life.

Breaking the Window with a Fist

Imagine a world where breaking car windows was that easy. But these heroes in movies smash the windows merely with their fists. For all we know, the window breaks or not, your bones definitely will.

Hanging Up on People 

Always thought of trying this action in real life but thank God I didn’t. Movies make it look okay to hang up on calls without a word. The characters throw a badass quote and hang up like they just dropped the mic in style. If anything, it is cold, condescending, and extremely rude. 

Morning Kisses

The love birds in movies make it seem so easy and romantic to kiss right after waking up. How can kissing with morning breath ever make someone feel good? We heard that love is blind. Does it also involve losing the sense of smell?


As attractive as fighting looks on the screen, it’s not that cool in real life. For starters, nobody wants to be around an aggressive person who has no control over themselves. People are more into wit and wisdom in real life. And second of all, you’ll only end up being charged with a felony.

Little to No Foreplay

In movies, a few seconds of kiss leads to s3x in no time. Little to no foreplay sounds and feels extremely painful. It’s only steamy and hot for fictional romances.

Sleeping on Tall Grass

Characters laying on tall grasses look quite scenic and poetic. But doing the same in real life is not only messy but can be life-threatening. You don’t know what kinds of creatures and insects may pop out from the dense grass. Don’t even try it for your social media posts, unless you’re okay with the bug infestation.

Tortuous Pranks

Some comedy movies legit run on elaborate pranks. While you’re laughing with your jaws dropped, have you ever wondered how things would be if it happened to you? They might be great for comedy but dangerous for your relationships.


CPR is not as cute and fun to watch in real life as they project it on shows and movies. This super tensed job goes beyond the mere coughing up of pool water. It legit involves hitting the chest to the extent of breaking ribs.

Fun On The Snow

Doing anything on the snow is painful, especially in those cute outfits that aren’t warm enough. Even standing on snow for more than a minute freezes our hearts, and here the characters are being all cute rolling and lying over it. Somehow they are immune to runny nose, the bitter cold that freezes every part of your body, and the foggy glasses.

Romance in the Shower 

Getting all hot and adventurous with your bae in the shower is never a great idea. As amazing as it looks on the screen, doing it is not this smooth nor practical. You’ll spend half your time looking for the right angle in the cramped up place. And even if you manage to find the angle, your mind is more focused on trying not to slip. And let’s not get started on water being a terrible lubricant.

Walking Away from Explosion

While other examples on this list are still believable to some extent, this one is always laughable. Protagonists in action movies walk away from explosions without a scratch or reaction. Even if we forget about the scratches, the mere sound of the explosion is deafening, and these heroes don’t seem to flinch. 

Non-Stop Action in Military Movies

What is up with Hollywood projecting army movies where the action is constantly happening? The protagonist just breathes, and hell breaks loose without any strategy, planning or thinking.

Written by Ipshita Barua