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“Things just started to hurt more”: Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Muscle Memory Failed Him During Thor 4, Hints Taika Waititi Made Him Get Lot Bigger Than He Actually Wanted

“Things just started to hurt more”: Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Muscle Memory Failed Him During Thor 4, Hints Taika Waititi Made Him Get Lot Bigger Than He Actually Wanted

Chris Hemsworth made his MCU debut in the 2011 film Thor and has been portraying the character for more than a decade. He surely has worked hard to bring the God of Thunder on screen in every way possible. And one of the things that were mostly required to portray the Norse God was having a godly physique. Not only has Hemsworth impressed everyone by maintaining his muscular physique, but he also got more ripped each time he reprised his role.

Thor: Love and Thunder
Thor: Love and Thunder

While things turn out better for the film, working out and getting repped for the roles, takes a toll on actors. And such was the case with the Thor: Love and Thunder star, who went through a brutal training regime to prepare for his role in the fourth installment of the film.

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Getting Ripped For Thor 4 Left Chris Hemsworth Exhausted

Chris Hemsworth has definitely worked harder every time he reprised his role as Thor. After donning a fat suit in Endgame, Thor was supposed to get back in shape. And it required Hemsworth to work even harder than before. The Avengers star shared the process of the brutal training during one of the episodes of Marvel’s behind-the-scenes documentary, Assembled.

Disney Plus Day
Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

Talking about his workout routine, Hemsworth said that he has “put the muscle on and out the size on” every time he has played the Marvel character. However, jacking up for Love and Thunder was harder than before.

“This was particularly hard. I think because the target weight we aimed for was quite a ways above where I’d been before,” he shared on Assembled. The Extraction star shared that he spent 12 months “training” and “puppeteering the body” and also included swimming and martial arts in his workout routine.

Thor: Love and Thunder movie scene
A still from Thor: Love and Thunder

Although Chris Hemsworth did admit he enjoyed trying something new, it was exhausting for him. Hemsworth said, “It was just exhausting. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old, but things just started to hurt more.” 

The Spiderhead star shared that the training made him bigger than he has ever been. Although he got big and fit for the role, it was even harder to keep it that way while filming Thor 4.  

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Will Thor and Loki Reunite in The Kang Dynasty?

Thor and Loki have been the troubled siblings of the MCU. Although Loki caused multiple issues for his brother in the initial phases of the MCU, their relationship grew over time. And Thor was left devastated after Thanos killed Loki in Avengers: Infinity War.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok
Thor and Loki

Although Loki managed to find escape Avengers during their attempts to save the world in Endgame, the two brothers have not been seen together since the events of the Infinity War. And as the upcoming phases are expected to explore the multiverse, fans are expecting to finally see Thor and Loki together again.

Chris Hemsworth’s last appearance in Love and Thunder has also left the possibility of him joining the Avengers in the upcoming films. He is expected to join Avengers to fight against Kang the Conqueror in The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. With these crossover events, it could possibly bring Loki and Thor back together.

Thor: Love and Thunder is available to stream on Disney+.

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Source: Assembled

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