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‘Things were Cleaner’: Predator Prequel Director Dan Trachtenberg Praises Star Wars Prequels, Cites Them as Inspiration

Things were Cleaner Predator Prequel Director Dan Trachtenberg Praises Star Wars Prequels Cites Them as Inspiration

Director Dan Trachtenberg, who rose to fame after directing the 2016 horror-thriller film 10 Cloverfield Lane shared how he sought inspiration from one of the big franchises’ movies.

The Prey
The Prey directed by Dan Trachtenberg

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Trachtenberg who is currently engaged in his upcoming 20th Century Studios project Prey recently in an interview with Screenrant shared how he cited inspiration from Star Wars. Prey is the fifth movie in the Predator franchise which will be the prequel to the previous films.

Dan Trachtenberg Teases That The Prey Trailer Is Coming Soon

Dan Trachtenberg director of Prey
Dan Trachtenberg, Director of The Prey 

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Dan Trachtenberg directed Prey has released its’ teaser trailer last month revealing the main character of the movie, Naru played by Amber Midthunder. Though a full-length trailer for the film is yet to be released, Trachtenberg guaranteed fans that the official trailer will be released pretty soon.

Trachtenberg in an interview shared how he faced a similar problem as Star Wars. He compared Prey with Star Wars prequels saying that the shiny aesthetics used in the Star Wars prequels was initially disliked by the viewers but this was changed after the re-evaluation. He also faced the same while working with Prey, as fans want something new yet a familiar vibe has to be maintained.

“From the Predator perspective, I was excited to have the freedom to explore different mechanics for him, because while challenging in making something that had to be 300 years prior but still super advanced, I always had in mind the way people responded to the Star Wars prequels and the fact that they were through a war and they were prior. Things were cleaner and newer, which made sense, but that also wasn’t the kind of thing that we loved looking at or that felt ‘Star Wars-y’ at the time. I don’t know, now we’re re-assessing that.

Prey Director Shared How He Faced Similar Problem As The Star Wars

Dan Trachtenberg from The Prey
Dan Trachtenberg sharing his thoughts on the upcoming prequel series

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Trachtenberg shared how he thought of different ideas during the making of Prey.

That went through my head a lot making Prey, that everything could feel like Predator as we’ve always loved it, but also, something new for those of us who have loved the creature forever, so we’re not just given the same things we’re expected to see. Hopefully, we’ve accomplished that, I’m excited for people to see a lot of technically older but spiritually newer things.”

Prey is scheduled to be released by 20th Century Studios on August 5, 2022.

Watch the teaser below.


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