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“Thinking About” Ant-Man 4 Despite Ant-Man 3 Getting Mixed Reviews is Why MCU May Be Getting Too Overconfident For its Own Good

antman and the wasp quantumania

Over the past few years, the MCU has become a cultural phenomenon, with each new film bringing millions of dollars to the box office. However, with such success comes a level of arrogance and complacency that could potentially lead to the downfall of the franchise.

With Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third film in the Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man saga, quickly approaching its theatrical release, producer Stephen Broussard has confirmed discussions regarding a potential fourth Ant-Man film are already underway. This news has raised questions about the MCU’s potential overconfidence and whether or not it is getting too big for its good.

Ant-Man 4 Is Being Considered

Stephen Broussard
Stephen Broussard

The MCU has always been known for its interconnected storylines and multi-film arcs, keeping fans engaged and invested in the franchise. However, this interconnectedness has also led to a sense of predictability in the franchise, with fans knowing what to expect from each new film.

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This predictability has caused some fans to become disinterested in the franchise. With the MCU constantly expanding and introducing new characters and storylines, it’s becoming harder for the franchise to maintain quality. In an interview with, Broussard confirms Ant-Man 4 is being considered.

“We’re already thinking about it. Every movie is its own battle and you bear the scars of making it and wanting to make it great. But hope springs eternal and you start to put yourself back together after the journey of making the movie. You’re like, ‘Yeah, what if we did X and what if we did Y?’ Like the wheels start turning, you can’t help yourself. I don’t want to say anything about specifically what those are, but yeah, you can’t help yourself. Those conversations, those whispers have already started to happen between myself and [Ant-Man series director] Peyton [Reed] and [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige].”

Ant-Man 3
Ant-Man 3

The Ant-Man franchise has always been one of the more light-hearted entries in the MCU, with its humor and action scenes proving to be a hit with audiences. However, despite the success of the first two films, the reception for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has been mixed. Some fans and critics have praised the film for its comedic moments, while others have criticized it for being too similar to the previous films in the series.

Is The MCU Overconfident?

The MCU’s overconfidence is also reflected in the way it is constantly expanding its universe. The MCU has introduced many new characters and storylines over the years, but the franchise becomes increasingly convoluted with each new addition. This overcomplication is causing some fans to feel overwhelmed, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for casual fans to keep up with what’s happening in the franchise.

Another factor that contributes to the MCU’s potential overconfidence is its reliance on established characters. The MCU has always been known for its talented ensemble cast, but with each new film, the franchise seems to be relying more and more on its established characters rather than taking chances on new and upcoming talent. This reliance on established characters is causing the franchise to become stale, causing some fans to become disinterested in the franchise.

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With each new film following in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the expectations for quality and success continue to rise. From Iron Man to The Avengers to Black Panther, the MCU has consistently delivered box-office hits, critical darlings, and cultural phenomena. However, with the recent confirmation that Marvel Studios is already thinking about Ant-Man 4, despite mixed reviews for Ant-Man 3, it begs the question: is the MCU becoming too overconfident for its good?

The MCU: A Victim Of Its Success?

It’s no secret that the MCU has built a massive and dedicated fanbase, with fans eagerly anticipating each new release. This has given the MCU financial stability that few other franchises can match. However, with this success and stability comes a certain level of complacency. The MCU is no longer just a series of superhero movies; it’s an entire universe, a cultural touchstone that has earned billions of dollars and redefined the blockbuster movie.

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And yet, with all of this success, there are signs that the MCU may be becoming a victim of its success. With each new film, the expectations for quality and originality increase. And while the MCU has consistently delivered in the past, there’s a growing concern that the franchise may be relying too heavily on its established formulas and characters.

While the Ant-Man franchise has been a consistent box office performer, the critical reception of the films has been mixed at best. Yet, despite this, the studio is already planning a fourth entry, seemingly without considering the quality of the previous films or the potential for creative burnout among fans.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania
Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

If the MCU continues to thrive, it must be willing to take risks and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Otherwise, it may be only a matter of time before the MCU starts to feel stale and repetitive. Whether or not Ant-Man 4 is the film that proves this point remains to be seen, but for now, fans can only hope that the MCU doesn’t become too overconfident in its good.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania opens in theaters on Feb. 17, 2023

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