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‘This Casting Looks Exactly Like in the Comics’: Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Trailer Opens Up To Rave Reviews, Fans Applaud Netflix to Staying True to Source Material

Netflixs Wednesday Trailer

The teaser for the Netflix series Wednesday has been published, and fans can’t stop gushing about how well-cast and authentic the characters look.

Along with that, many have been tweeting how excited they are to watch the show because of how much the teaser touched them and how Netflix did not hold back while drawing inspiration from the original comics.

Wednesday Poster
Wednesday Poster

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Wednesday And The Rest Of The Addams

Based on The Addams Family’s Wednesday, Wednesday is a Netflix original series. Charles Addams created the original comic in which these creatures first appeared.

Wednesday Addams In The 1991 Live Action
Wednesday Addams In The 1991 Live Action

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In the comics, the Addams family was a dysfunctional family of eccentric, obscenely wealthy, and credulous individuals who lived a very bizarre lifestyle replete with ghosts, gore, and various horrors. They were all utterly unaware of the reactions they elicited from those around them, which was what made them so amusing.

Wednesday Addams was the child of Gomez and Morticia Addams. The couple also had a son, Pugsley, who was younger than Wednesday.

The Addams Family Comic
The Addams Family Comic

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In comic books and other media, Wednesday was consistently presented as the family’s wild child. This will be continued in the upcoming Netflix series, which depicts Wednesday’s coming-of-age journey as she navigates life.

How Did Fans Take The Trailer?

Fans claim that the trailer exceeded their expectations. There was nothing about the film that didn’t completely blow their minds, including the aesthetics, the story, and the casting.

Some fans even asserted that the casting was precisely like the comics (which, if you don’t read comics, indicates that the production and casting were of the highest caliber!)

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Tim Burton is directing the Wednesday television series, which will debut on Netflix in the fourth quarter of this year.

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