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“This could be a thing that will change my life”: Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Andrew Garfield Was Unsure About the Responsibility That Comes With Playing Spider-Man

"This could be a thing that will change my life": Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Andrew Garfield Was Unsure About the Responsibility That Comes With Playing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield is the second actor to play the iconic character of Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. He put on the suit twice in his own movie, The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, and its sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014. He once again put on the suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home by Marvel Studios. After starring in The Amazing Spider-Man movies, his portrayal of Spider-Man was declared as the most comic-accurate Spider-Man. But when he auditioned for the role, he had doubts if he could bear the responsibility and fame that comes with it.

Andrew Garfield in and as The Amazing Spider-Man.
Andrew Garfield in and as The Amazing Spider-Man

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Andrew Garfield Had Doubts if He Wanted the Responsibility

Andrew Garfield recently shed some light on his initial thoughts about the Spider-Man role when he was going to audition for it. He shared that Spider-Man had always been his childhood dream, so it would be awesome if he could play the character. Obviously, he auditioned for it without thinking much about how the role could affect his entire life moving forward. But after Andrew Garfield did the audition, he questioned if he could or if he wanted to bear the fame and responsibility that came along with the character, if he was selected for the role.

“I suddenly thought, “This could happen. This could be a thing that will change my life.” Obviously, that created conflict in the sense of, “Do I want to be that recognizable? Do I want to take on this responsibility? But then, of course, I did want to! So I decided to screen test and throw my hat in the ring”

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man in No Way Home
Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in No Way Home

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But despite these thoughts, he did play the role and played it to perfection, as he was declared as the most comic-accurate Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man had a similar name given to him – he was called the people’s Spider-Man. Later, Andrew Garfield shared that before his audition, he was extremely nervous, so he used a trick to calm himself down. He thought to himself that it was not an audition for the Spider-Man role, but a short film about the wall-crawling superhero and his buddies. As he got the role to portray Spider-Man, one can only give credit to his secret technique.

Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 

Andrew Garfield’s first Spider-Man movie had a great response at the box office as it earned a total of more than $757 million worldwide from a budget of about $230 million. Garfield stated that there would have been a third solo movie, but the sequel to the first movie did not receive that great a response, both in reviews and at the box office. It could only earn a little over $700 million with a production of $225 million. Sony Pictures Entertainment did not earn much from this movie, hence the third project was scrapped.

The No Way Home trio
The No Way Home trio

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After this failure, Sony signed a deal with Marvel Studios and sold them the character back, along with the right to produce projects based on the character. So Andrew Garfield made his appearance again as Peter 3” in the latest installment of Spider-Man film by Marvel Studios, Spider-Man: No Way Home, along with his spidy co-stars Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. The movie was an absolute hit at the box office as it almost tore apart the $2 billion mark.

Source: Spider-Man: No Way Home: The Official Movie Special

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