“This doesn’t mean to just remake Harry Potter story into a TV show”: WB’s CEO David Zaslav Calling Harry Potter And Lord Of The Rings Underused Gets Nightmare Response From Fans

WB's CEO David Zaslav Calling Harry Potter And Lord Of The Rings Underused Gets Nightmare Response From Fans

While it may seem like going after large and ambitious cinematic universe projects may have been a recent phenomenon in the film industry, the idea has been there since the late 1900s, and Warner Bros. with their successful franchises like the iconic Harry Potter series along with the masterpiece that is The Lord Of The Rings franchise has been at the forefront of those efforts since way back.

Daniel Radcliffe in a still from the Harry Potter franchise
Daniel Radcliffe in a still from the Harry Potter franchise

Ever since their conclusions in the past, there have been several attempts to either extrapolate and/or expand on them with several projects related to them. But recently, Warner Bros. CEO was seen talking about how they have actually underutilized the potential of these properties, which has sent fans of these franchises into an online rage.

WB CEO David Zaslav Brings The Wrath Of The Internet By Calling Harry Potter And LOTR Underused

Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav
Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav

When it comes to the influence on Hollywood or the film industry as a whole, there are merely a handful of companies that can compare to the sheer scale of Warner Bros. and their operations in the business of entertainment. With so many iconic and valuable entertainment properties under its name, the production company has a firm grasp on both small and big-screen entertainment space. But with lackluster performances on its motion picture front, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav has deduced that the reason is that it has not utilized its most successful properties to the fullest extent.

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In the recently held Goldman Sachs Communacopia and Technology Conference. The executive was seen talking about how despite possessing IPs like the iconic and very popular Harry Potter series led by Daniel Radcliffe along with one of the best film trilogy The Lord Of The Rings headlined by Elijah Wood, they have not managed to bring them out fully, which has led to them undermining their utility. This has led many to believe that these will be the focus of Warner Bros. Entertainment in the coming future along with the DCU.

While this may be his outlook on the company he’s running, the comment about the underused aforementioned franchises has infuriated many fans nonetheless, who have voiced their concerns on X.

With the proposition placed in front of the public, it will be interesting to see what WB does from here on out, and what the reaction of the public will be to their decisions.

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Will These Franchises Be Rebooted?

Elijah Wood in a still from The Lord Of The Rings Franchise
Elijah Wood in a still from The Lord Of The Rings franchise

While there’s certainly a possibility since the company has to capitalize on its most profitable IPs, at the moment, there is no confirmation of whether Zaslav has any ideas or plans in place that would initiate the process for their revival, except for the Harry Potter franchise which is receiving a Max original series in the future. Seeing as these multi-billion dollar cinematic projects are still as loved as ever to this day, it would be a waste not to bring more of them to the public.

Then again, it depends on the demand of the public whether they bring it out there or not since many hardcore fans and even members of the audience loved the memory they shared of these projects after enjoying them in cinemas, and just rebooting them to make bank would seem unsavory on the company’s part.

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