“This guy is like Steve McQueen”: Star Wars Actor Knew From The First Day Harrison Ford Would Be A Phenom, Admitted He Looked Up To Ford In Real Life

"This guy is like Steve McQueen": Star Wars Actor Knew From The First Day Harrison Ford Would Be A Phenom, Admitted He Looked Up To Ford In Real Life
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Harrison Ford is a whole package when it comes to being an actor. A versatile performer, an amazing action hero, with a natural on-screen charisma, and an endearing appeal, his remarkable talent has made him a timeless personality. However, long before he became an international star with his breakthrough role, his Star Wars co-star knew that Ford had a long way to go.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Mark Hamil, known for playing Luke Skywalker, was Ford’s co-star in the first-ever Star Wars movie he ever starred in, and before Ford could make his debut Hamil was certain that he had everything to become a phenom.

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Mark Hamil Knew Harrison Ford Would Make It Big

Harrison Ford in a still from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
Harrison Ford in a still from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

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Harrison Ford has played some of the most iconic roles in his lifetime, and his natural charisma and ruggedness have only made him one of the most popular actors in the world. Not only has his portrayals left an indelible mark on the film industry, but his characters enjoy a timeless appeal, continuing to exist in popular culture.

Ford got his first breakthrough role in Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope, where essayed the role of Han Solo in 1977, and since then he has continued to enjoy international stardom and fame. However, before he could make his mark in the world, his Star Wars co-star, Mark Hamil knew he had all the markings of becoming a star (via Esquire).


“I was wide-eyed and inexperienced, and Harrison arrives, and I’m telling you—from day one—just like Luke did, I looked up to him as someone who had a firmer grasp of all the elements than I did. I thought, This guy’s like . . . Steve McQueen? Gary Cooper? John Wayne? He was instantly iconic, and yet the world at large didn’t know who he was. I just thought, This guy’s major.”

Later, Hamil’s thoughts would come true, for soon Ford was Indiana Jones, the world’s greatest archeologist adventurer.

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How Harrison Ford Got His First Breakthrough Role

Harrison Ford as Han Solo
Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Harrison Ford was a young actor in the 1970s and landed a role in George LucasAmerican Graffiti. Not having enough money to get by, the actor started working as a carpenter as well but unknown to his industry friends. Once a friend wanted help installing an entrance to Francis Ford Coppola‘s offices and Ford agreed to do it but only at night time (via Esquire).


“I said I would do it but only at night, when no one was around, because I didn’t want to be that guy—I wanted them to think of me as an actor, which I was. I did the job.”

While finishing up the job he walked on George Lucas and Richard Dreyfuss, who were there to begin casting for Star Wars and he was asked to help read the lines with some of the candidates. Unknown to him, he was actually being considered for the part which eventually became his breakthrough role.

Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope can be streamed on Disney+.

Source: Esquire


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