“This has been one long nightmare”: Brad Pitt was Caught Up in a Terrifying Charity Scandal Which Made the Lives of Hurricane Katrina Victims a Living Hell!

“This has been one long nightmare”: Brad Pitt was Caught Up in a Terrifying Charity Scandal Which Made the Lives of Hurricane Katrina Victims a Living Hell!
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According to a report, a charity (Global Green) that promised to give Brad Pitt’s foundation a $20.5 million bailout to help Hurricane Katrina victims still has not done so. The only problem- lack of funds?


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, describing how Lower Ninth Ward residents are still struggling because the homes that were rebuilt for them following the hurricane are compromised by rot, mold, and structural flaws.

After Hurricane Katrina, the 59-year-old actor’s Make It Right organization constructed more than 100 homes in New Orleans. But after their homes succumbed to rot, mold, and structural flaws, the victims filed a lawsuit, claiming that the houses were poorly constructed. 

Brad Pitt 
Brad Pitt in The Big Short

For the unversed, Global Green has previously worked with the Bullet Train actor’s Make It Right Foundation. Though, the non-profit organization has been dragged into “the snake pit,” according to Global Green CEO, Bill Bridge. 

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Brad Pitt Caught Up in a Terrifying Charity Scandal?

Brad Pitt, a famous actor, is involved in a horrifying charity scandal that has made the lives of Hurricane Katrina victims into a “nightmare“. The scandal has alarmed fans all over the world and raised doubts about the motives of famous people engaged in charitable work.


Lower Ninth Ward residents who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina were given assistance to have them rebuilt, but later experienced “rot, mold, and structural defects,” according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter. 

Their neighborhood was devastated when Hurricane Katrina hit 17 years prior. But that was only the beginning of their unfortunate story. Their houses had been rebuilt, only for rot, mold, and structural flaws to reappear. 

People wade through floodwaters in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
People wade through floodwaters in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Albert Matthews, a local, told the outlet:


“This has been one long nightmare. It is been very stressful for all of us. My mother [91-year-old, Marion Bryan], she’s never seen the end of the tunnel from Katrina.”

According to recently disclosed case files, Global Green made an attempt to withdraw the promised funds soon after the agreement was announced. This was due to the fact that it was attempting to raise money through donations because it never had enough money to cover the commitment.

Additionally, it reportedly implied that Pitt was at fault because, at the time, the actor was dealing with PR problems following Angelina Jolie‘s allegations of abuse against him and their children.

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Was Brad Pitt Responsible?

Global Green allegedly attempted to break the agreement soon after the announcement, claiming Brad Pitt’s lawsuit was to blame because it lacked the funds to make the required payments. 

On the other hand, Pitt’s team denied that the actor’s reputation had anything to do with Global Green’s inability to fundraise. Moreover, the nonprofit organization was solely responsible for keeping the promise it made to the victims. 

Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina
Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina. Credit: Getty Images

Bill Bridge, the CEO of Global Green, told THR that because the organization had been dragged into “the snake pit,” it was unable to pay for the funds promised. He further clarified:


“Global Green was willing to make every effort to raise the funds, but when it wasn’t fast enough or to the level those parties required, Global Green became the scapegoat for what essentially has been the failure of the parties to resolve the matter.”

Pitt’s team also refuted any suggestion that the actor was to blame for the lack of required funds in a statement, asserting that Global Green alone is to blame for the broken promise as a spokesperson stated:

“Brad had supported Global Green many years ago, so when they approached his team stating ‘$20.5M in funding’ had been secured by their ‘generous donors,’ there was interest in considering their proposal.” 

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

For the unversed, Make It Right Foundation was founded by Brad Pitt in 2007.

It was created with the intention of helping in the environmentally friendly reconstruction of homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward following Hurricane Katrina. 


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Source- The Hollywood Reporter


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