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“This has to end”: Christian Bale’s Outing in Thor 4 Push Him To Quit Hollywood as Actor Claims He Wants To Stop “Playing Dress-Up”?

Christian Bale’s Outing in Thor 4 Push Him To Quit Hollywood as Actor Claims He Wants To Stop “Playing Dress-Up”?

Life has peaked for Christian Bale. The Prestige star has scaled great heights in the course of his career. He started young, and made a name for himself playing Patrick Bateman in the 2000 classic American Psycho. He has never looked back ever since, playing one of the most loved versions of Batman, and even winning an Academy Award. He has consolidated his position as one of the leading stars of our era. But there have been moments when he’s wondered that the time to draw a curtain on his acting career was nigh. 

Christian Bale always knew what he would do

Christian Bale
Christian Bale was passionate about acting

Christian Bale knew that he would pursue acting when he was just a kid. Years down the lane, when speaking about the call to take up acting as a profession, he would highlight why he chose to pursue the field. 

His love for the profession, coupled with the knowledge that it might get him a few bucks, was why The Dark Knight star decided to make a career out of his childhood hobby. Countless fans must be thankful to him for taking the right call. 

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Christian Bale: The Past and The Future

Christian Bale
Christian Bale had his doubts about acting

Bale himself wasn’t so sure of his decision in his teens. He wanted to act. But the fame and publicity that came with it was too much to handle for him. He wanted to remain anonymous as a child. Over time, he warmed up to the reality of the Industry and learned how to deal with paparazzi. His doubts were gone for the better.

The 49-year-old’s thoughts would resurface years later. A few months after Thor: Love and Thunder had hit the theatres, Bale opened up about what the future held for him in an interview with GQ. 

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A role so bad, Christian Bale contemplated quitting?

Christian Bale
Christian Bale revealed he was fed up with “playing dress-up”

The Machinist star said, 

“I’ve always been bent on ‘When’s this gonna end? This has to end.’ I like doing things that have nothing to do with film. And I find myself very happily not playing dress-up, not pretending to be somebody else for long lengths of time.”

It is rather shocking that starring in Thor: Love and Thunder made him change his outlook on his acting career altogether. Christian Bale’s Gorr in the Taika Waititi directorial was definitely not his best performance.

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Source: GQ

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