“This idea of having to tell a story backwards”: Diego Luna’s Remarks About Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy Makes Him the Perfect Heir to George Lucas’ Star Wars Legacy

The Star Wars lore could really make use of a visionary like Diego Luna!

Diego Luna in Andor


  • Diego Luna shared insights on the importance of story depth and character backstories in the Star Wars universe.
  • Luna's collaboration with showrunner Tony Gilroy for the solo series Andor reflects a commitment to exploring Cassian Andor's past in innovative ways.
  • Hayden Christensen also praised George Lucas' storytelling approach, showcasing an understanding of compelling character arcs and humanization within the Star Wars saga.
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Ever since Diego Luna initially showcased his talent as Cassian Andor in the Star Wars lore in the mid-2010s, fans have been nothing short of perplexed by his star-studded performances. Then came his titular solo show for his character by showrunner Tony Gilroy, and fans just knew for sure that they had found the most immaculate actor to join and lead the live-action SW saga.

Diego Luna. | Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson/Wikimedia Commons.
Diego Luna. | Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson/Wikimedia Commons.

But while that was that, Luna is once again winning hearts through his personal take on his character that he connects with showrunner Gilroy about, and how he should be portrayed on the screens. And, unarguably enough, his remarks on the same make him everything one needs to become the ultimate perfect heir to George Lucas’ legacy.

Diego Luna Shares His Visionary Thoughts on Star Wars Characters

While Diego Luna as an actor gives off some true pieces of excellence, he as a visionary holds even more potential of fulfilling fans’ heartiest wishes and bringing to the screens some of the most cinematic pieces of all time from the SW lore. This was evident from his recent remark on the same.


During an Actors on Actors episode for Variety with Hayden Christensen, the Rogue One actor expressed his thoughts and feelings on the characters and their storylines in the SW saga. He said:

“I think it’s more than just the look and the presence. It’s the story behind, the simplicity of that.”

Undeniably enough, that is some really wise thinking that could seriously help Luke Skywalker’s universe. But that isn’t all, for Luna’s further remarks make him even more important for the same.

Continuing, the Narcos: Mexico actor then shared how he connects with showrunner Tony Gilroy about how he showcased his respective character’s storyline in his solo series, all the while further letting out how it could perfectly establish the ultimate backstory for his character.

Tony Gilroy. | Credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons.
Gilroy. | Credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons.

Luna said:

“I like that. I connect that with what Tony Gilroy did with ‘Andor,’ this idea of having to tell a story backwards. We have an opportunity to make sure this character comes from a past that you would never imagine.”

Needless to say, if anything, this creative thinking on the 44-year-old Mexican actor’s hand truly establishes him as one of those visionary heirs that George Lucas‘ world desperately needs to tame, helm, and continue the legacy of the fan-favorite sci-fi galaxy.

Hayden Christensen Mirrors His Opinions with Diego Luna’s

Hayden Christensen. | Credit: Gál Tímea/Wikimedia Commons.
Hayden Christensen. | Credit: Gál Tímea/Wikimedia Commons.

While Luna is one to get on the fans’ good side with his exceptional thinking skills, Hayden Christensen is another mastermind to mirror and share his thoughts on the characters from the fan-beloved mammoth universe with The Book of Life actor.


During the same interview with Variety, the Darth Vader portrayer reflected on his own character’s story and how perfectly “Lucas subverted our expectations and understanding of this character” by going back to Episode I and introducing him as something no one could have expected.

He even let out how he felt that Lucas “mapped out a very compelling character arc that was hopefully somewhat sympathetic” for Anakin Skywalker, making it easier for the viewers to understand what he was going through and why he made the choices he made.

Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in the saga.
Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in the saga.

Continuing, Christensen said:


“It was a very understandable fall to the dark side, but it humanized him and made him a real person and almost somewhat of a pathetic person in a lot of ways. And you feel for Darth Vader now in a different way, too. Because it’s this man trapped in this life that perhaps he didn’t really want.”

Judging from his words and how his visions quite mirror Luna’s, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Lucas has two truly impeccable heirs lined up to continue the legacy he has established with his science fiction world of the Skywalkers.

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