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“This is a credit to Keanu”: Constantine 2 Officially Moving Forward With Keanu Reeves Returning Despite Reports of James Gunn Scrapping Cult-Classic Movie to Get Sequel

"This is a credit to Keanu": Constantine 2 Officially Moving Forward With Keanu Reeves Returning Despite Reports of James Gunn Scrapping Cult-Classic Movie to Get Sequel

The 2005 movie, Constantine starring Keanu Reeves in the lead role became a fan-favorite despite receiving disappointing reviews from the critics. Therefore, when it was announced back in September 2022 that Constantine will be getting a sequel, after almost 20 years, fans were ecstatic! However, there were recently rumors flying around that the sequel has been scrapped from the list of projects, much to the fans’ dismay.

Keanu Reeves in Constantine
Keanu Reeves in Constantine (2005)

Well, we sure have some good news for Keanu Reeves’ fans! Worry not as the sequel to the supernatural action film is finally moving ahead. Returning his Weed Road to Warner Bros, Akiva Goldsman recently revealed that Constantine’s sequel is one of his top priorities. Crediting Keanu Reeves for the revival, he talks about writing the script of the sequel.

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Keanu Reeves is Officially Returning as John Constantine

Akiva Goldsman
Akiva Goldsman

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As Akiva Goldsman returns to Warner Bros in a multi-year first-look deal, he has two sequels on his list of priorities – I Am Legend 2 and Constantine 2. Talking to Deadline about Constantine 2, Goldsman revealed that Francis Lawrence will be returning to direct the sequel. JJ Abrams, whose Constantine reboot was canceled, will also be joining the ensemble. At the moment, Goldsman is “pretty deep” in writing the script for the film along with Keanu Reeves and Lawrence. While no plot details can be shared at the moment, Goldsman did have something to say about the script.

“The character is very much Keanu and the way he and Francis saw the world of good and evil, and the wonderful and authentic noir where there is a world behind the world of good and evil coexist with our world right up close. Beyond that, we are still discovering it as I am writing the script.”

Goldsman credited the sequel to Reeves’ enthusiasm for the character of John Constantine. He stated that Constantine 2 was a “Credit to Keanu” who had been wanting to bring the character back on screen for a long time.

“This is a credit to Keanu, who endlessly has said, ‘this is the character I want to return to. Finally, he said it enough times that it stuck.”

Even though the 2005 original grossed $280 million worldwide, critics weren’t a fan. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a measly Tomatometer score of just 46%. However, the audience score for the film hits a commendable 72%. There’s quite a gap between the opinions of fans and critics! Here’s hoping Constantine 2 knocks the socks off everyone!

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Keanu Reeves has been Lobbying for the Sequel

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine
Keanu Reeves as John Constantine

Reeves is an actor who stays loyal to his characters and there’s no doubt about it. In an interview with Total Film, the John Wick actor stated that he loved playing John Constantine and revealed that he would constantly ask the studios to bring the character back for a sequel despite his requests getting denied.

“I don’t know if it was unfinished business but it was definitely a role I loved. And I thought that Francis Lawrence, the director, did such amazing work. I loved playing the character and I really enjoyed the film. I was like, ‘Can I please have some more..?’ I kept asking almost every year. I’d be like, ‘Can i please?’ [and] they’d be like, ‘No, no!’”

Reeves’ efforts are finally bearing some fruit! We cannot wait to see him back in action as John. Lawrence’s direction and Goldsman’s writing are certainly the cherries on top. Since the film is just in its scriptwriting stage, there have been no talks about the release date. All we can do now is do the happy dance and wait!

Constantine is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Deadline

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