“This is a massive misstep by Disney”: Kevin Feige Ignores X-Men’ 97 Creator as He Chooses Assassin’s Creed Writer For X-Men Live Action Movie

Fans disappointed as Michael Lesslie, not Beau DeMayo, will write MCU's live-action X-Men movie.

Kevin Feige, X-Men’ 97
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  • Marvel fans have been desperate for a live-action X-Men movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Disney acquired Fox.
  • After the success of X-Men '97, their expectations have only risen, and they have been wanting the series creator to write a live-action film.
  • Yet, Kevin Feige has hired Assassin's Creed writer Michael Lesslie instead of Beau DeMayo, which fans thoroughly disapprove of.
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The Marvel Universe is a treasure trove of characters, and the X-Men are among its most beloved properties. Ever since Disney acquired Fox and its repository, Marvel fans have been asking for the live-action debut of the mutants after decades of hits and misses within the Fox Universe. While the animated X-Men ’97 was definitely a step in the right direction, it seems Marvel has reverted back to its old ways.

X-Men '97.
X-Men ’97| Disney+

According to the latest update, the screenwriter for an X-Men movie has just been hired. And fans are not happy that Kevin Feige ignored Beau DeMayo and instead recruited  Assassin’s Creed writer, Michael Lesslie.

Kevin Feige Ignores Beau DeMayo for the Live-Action X-Men Movie

Beau DeMayo
Beau DeMayo at San Diego Convention Center | image: Instagram | @beau_demayo

Beau DeMayo was apparently fired due to unknown reasons by Marvel Studios just ahead of the release of his series, X-Men ’97. While the reasons were not given for his firing, the series soon took over the internet for its incredible plot and being faithful to the source.


Heralded as one of the best Marvel projects of all time, X-Men ’97 currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has maintained incredible viewership throughout its run (see Deadline). Yet, despite its amazing critical and audience reception, Kevin Feige has chosen to ignore its creator, DeMayo, when it comes to a live-action X-Men movie.

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios is busy bringing the mutants to live-action soon. And the critically bombasted Assasins’s Creed writer Michael Lesslie has been hired to write the script of such a film. Still in early development with no clear way where the movie is heading, Leslie’s hiring has ramped up things.

Yet, fans are disappointed that Marvel Studios approached a writer who has never worked on the mythos instead of a writer who has already proven his talent in handling the mutant mythos without sacrificing their originality.


Marvel Fans Revolt as Kevin Feige Hires Michael Lesslie for Live-Action X-Men Movie

Kevin Feige at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con | Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Fans not happy with Kevin Feige’s decision (PC: 2017 San Diego Comic-Con | Wikimedia Commons)

Ever since the acquisition of Fox by Disney, fans have been waiting for a live-action X-Men movie. Seeing the success of X-Men ’97, they had high hopes from Marvel Studios and Beau DeMayo. But with the X-Men ’97 creator’s firing, and Kevin Feige moving ahead without him on a live-action X-Men movie has severely upset Marvel fans.

While Michael Lesslie is a talented writer and recently was behind Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, fans are not satisfied and have been showing their despondency online.



As the calls for hiring Beau DeMayo continue, we are yet to get an update from Kevin Feige or Marvel Studios. While fans continue showing their disappointment with Marvel Studios, we sincerely hope that the upcoming X-Men live-action movie is as good as X-Men ’97.


X-Men ’97 can be streamed on Disney+.


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