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This Is How Different MCU Heroes Would’ve Been If Their Powers Were Comic Accurate

This Is How Different MCU Heroes Wouldve Been If Their Powers Were Comic Accurate

The MCU borrows heavily from its comic book source materials. But on several instances, the powers of our favorite MCU superheroes turn out to be vastly comic inaccurate.

Iron Man

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While the billionaire genius is already worshipped as a God in the MCU, there are so many aspects to his powers that are not comic accurate. For example, Tony Stark, after the Extremis upgrade, gained superhuman senses, speed, and strength. He even gained a healing factor that could regrow entire organs. His armor also has many abilities not shown in the movies. Did you know the Iron man armor has other sources of energy other than the arc reactor? It has hidden solar panels in the back and front and even a beta particle absorber that could literally absorb ambient energy from the surroundings, meaning the Iron Man armor would never run out of power.

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Out of all the heroes the MCU has, it is Thor’s powers that have been done the most injustice. The Norse God of Thunder is more than just biceps and lightning. Even without the Stormbreaker, Thor Odinson has countless other legendary skills. He is the son of Gaea, the Earth Goddess. This gives him the power to create powerful continent shattering earthquakes. He can manipulate all sorts of energy and even become one with the energy of the universe. His weather control is also more than just lighting generation. Thor can create devastating thunderstorms that would have wiped out Thanos’ army in an instant. If Thor’s powers had been comic accurate, Thanos would have been defeated in Infinity War itself.

Black Widow

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Remember the Widow’s Bite -= the wrist cartridges Black Widow used in Civil War? The cartridges produce an amount of electricity equivalent to 30,000 volts. On a full discharge, that much amount of electricity is enough to incapacitate even the Hulk for a short while. Black Widow also possesses superhuman longevity in the comic books. She has received bio-chemical and cybernetic augmentations that make her age slower. Even her senses are near super-human due her enhancements. None of that is shown in detail in the movies.


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The Hulk is already a powerhouse in the movies. The movie studio executives refrained from letting Hulk have comic accurate powers for a reason. The MCU would have ended even before we knew it. The Hulk can absorb and store limitless amount of energy within his body. This not only increases his strength but also increases his size. He can also see astral forms of people and ghosts, something that comes in handy when he is aiding Doctor Strange. Another overlooked ability is his superhuman speed. the Hulk can run up to speeds of 300 Miles an hour. He can also jump so high his body could achieve stable orbit.

Captain America

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While most of Captain America’s powers are pretty easy to be shown on screen, their are some mild digressions in his overall skillset. In the comic books, Captain America does not just have peak physical attributes. His mental attributes are also considered preternatural. He is immune to hallucinogens and drugs. In the comics, even hypnosis is said to have no effect on the super soldier. The explanation is not given in detail but it seems Captain America is resistant to all forms of hypnosis, including magic induced ones. So Scarlet Witch should not have been able to use her chaos magic to show Cap that World War Two dream sequence.


mcu 3

Clint Barton is shown to be a wonderful marksman, using his tactical mindset to guide the team in a battle. But Hawkeye has other skills the movies seldom explore. He is a very capable leader, having led many different teams on occasion. Also his marksmanship is limited only to the bow and arrow in the MCU. In the comics, Hawkeye’s skills extend to any and all projectiles. he could even give Bullseye a run for his money. He is also one of the few people to have assumed the mantle of Goliath and used Pym Particles to turn himself into a giant.


mcu 7

The MCU gave falcon quite a fleshed out story. His origins and his motivations were explored in vivid detail. When Falcon became the new Captain America, we couldn’t be happier. But he is not as helpless without his wing-suit as the movies would let you know. Sam Wilson is a master acrobat, weapons expert, and an incredibly proficient close combat specialist. He has defeated super-villains like the Wrecking Crew, all of whom have magically enhanced superpowers of their own. Another point of negligence is Redwing. In the comics, Redwing was an actual Falcon and Sam Wilson had a telepathic link with the bird, allowing him to communicate with it and see through Redwing’s eyes.

Scarlet Witch

mcu 10

This is where it gets serious. The Marvel cinematic Universe could never have afforded to have Scarlet Witch to be at her full power like in the comic books. And the reason is pretty simple – Wanda’s comic accurate powers allow her to alter reality. She could manipulate matter and energy at a molecular level, resurrect the dead, and transmute energy as she wished. Her chaos magic, without any limitations, would allow her to alter the entire universe. The movie version was significantly depowered. If her powers were indeed comic accurate in the movies, the Hex Anomaly would have engulfed the whole world.

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Peter Parker has had many movie versions. From the Sam Raimi trilogy to Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man movies and now the MCU version, Peter Parker has come a long way. His spider powers are as they are in the comic books. But the MCU has really faltered in highlighting that big nerdy brain of Peter Parker’s. Parker is an expert in the fields of chemistry, biology, mechanics, and robotics. He even joined forces with Shang-Chi to develop a unique martial arts style of his own called the way Of The Spider. His genius is seldom explored in the MCU, which is for some reason hell-bent on making him look like a doofus.


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In the comics, the jewel on Vision’s forehead is not the Mind Stone. It is called the solar Jewel and it has different abilities. It can emit powerful beams of infrared and microwave radiation. Vision has super-human analytical skills. He always observes the battle and comes up with the quickest and fastest solution to dispatch the enemy, something the movie never showed. His other overpowered abilities like time travel and illusion casting via holographic manipulation are also never brought under the spotlight.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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