“This is like Avengers: Endgame of shows”: The Simpsons and Family Guy Mini Crossover Takes a Cheeky Dig at Disney and Fans Love It

Despite their mini crossover with ‘The Simpsons’ for a Disney+ special, ‘Family Guy’ dropped their R-rated foul language in a cheeky dig.

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  • After their initial collaboration in 2014, The Simpsons and Family Guy reunited exactly a decade later in 2024.
  • Teaming up for a short Disney+ crossover, The Simpsons and Family Guy came together to celebrate Star Wars and Mother’s Day.
  • The collaboration was filled with cheeky comments and easter eggs aiming at Disney that not only shocked fans but also entertained them.
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After their 2014 collaboration, The Simpsons and Family Guy reunited once again in a surprising move, for a mini crossover short for Disney+. Two of animation’s most beloved families came together for a side-splitting encounter that has left fans of both shows craving for more.

The Simpsons
A still from The Simpsons

In the new Disney+ special, The Simpsons: May The 12th Be With You, the Simpsons family celebrated Star Wars in an unorthodox way, in which the Family Guy members arrive in Springfield. The unexpected crossover left viewers surprised; but more than anything, the episode’s cheeky dig at Disney is what stunned fans the most.

The Simpsons and Family Guy’s 2014 Crossover

Spanning decades The Simpsons and Family Guy have been two of the most beloved and longest-running animated series that still remain relatable with their humor and subtleties. Therefore, as per The CS Monitor, in a 2014 installment of Family Guy, the creators decided to have the characters head to Springfield to meet The Simpsons gang.

A still from Family Guy’s episode The Simpsons Guy
A still from Family Guy’s 2014 crossover episode The Simpsons Guy

As part of the thirteenth season of Family Guy, the episode titled The Simpsons Guy, marked a rare team-up between the two families that nobody expected. However, as the humor-filled episode did wonders at tickling the funny bones of the viewers, the creators looked forward to further collaborations. But unfortunately, years went by, and the two families never came together.

The Simpsons and Family Guy Reunited for Disney+ Special

Until 2024, when exactly a decade later, The Simpsons and Family Guy reunited for a Disney+ short, celebrating Star Wars. In the new The Simpsons: May The 12th Be With You episode, the Simpsons gang not only met with countless Star Wars characters but also saw the Griffins from Family Guy arrive in Springfield for an unexpected meet-up.

Despite the two families being quite different in their appearance and animation, they both arrived for this Disney+ crossover retaining their original aesthetics. Although the episode was under five minutes, it was jam-packed with crossovers from Star Wars and Family Guy, which also featured quite a few famous moms in an attempt to celebrate Mother’s Day.


The Unexpected Crossover Took a Cheeky Dig at Disney

While the iconic reunion surprised fans with epic dialogues and funny comments, what entertained fans the most was its clever references and Easter eggs. Poking fun at both shows’ quirks and idiosyncrasies, the crossover also took a cheeky dig at Disney. The short’s lighthearted humor and playful jabs saw Stewie from the Family Guy get back to his R-rated comments despite Disney’s strict PG standards.

The new The Simpsons: May The 12th Be With You episode
The new The Simpsons: May The 12th Be With You episode

Let me out or I’ll use foul language. We’re a 9:30 show!” Stewie shouted when Homer Simpson took him away in a bag after he crashed the Mother’s Day backyard party. Stewie’s comments were followed by a bunch of foul words as he promised, which were hilariously beeped as a way of retaining Disney’s reputation of PG-rated shows.



Moreover, fans pointed out how the backyard party scene featured a placard saying “Hulu on Disney+, get your parental controls ready.” It seems, the crossover deliberately poked fun at Disney. Further, one netizen also noted how despite being PG-rated, Howard was seen kidnapping Stewie from the party. These subtle yet hilarious digs at Disney that no one expected, ended up making fans crave for more.

The new The Simpsons and Family Guy crossover short is available on Disney+. 


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