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‘This is not a quote from Dune but from psychologist Carl Jung’: In an Epic Case of Irony, Twitter Fact Checks its Owner Elon Musk After He Misquotes Frank Herbert’s Classic

Elon Musk Misquotes Frank Herbert's quote

Twitter and its new owner Elon Musk have been through a lot of weird, crazy, and surprising events in the last few weeks. While many employees are being let go and questions have been raised about Musk’s ability to run the company, Twitter usage has actually been reported to be at an all-time high. In fact, Musk even claimed that millions of new users have joined the website. But in an ironic turn of events, Twitter itself has turned on its owner as its Fact Check function corrects Musk on his latest tweet.

Elon Musk Fails To Quote Dune

Dune series

As most moviegoers and readers would be aware, Frank Herbert’s Dune is an epic science fiction novel that was published in 1965. Multiple movie adaptations have also been attempted so far and the latest of them was 2021’s Dune, which was directed by Denis Villeneuve. So being quite popular in the entertainment sector, Dune is quoted a lot by fans and even celebrities.

Recently, even the Tesla owner tried to quote from the novel but failed miserably. Here’s what Elon Musk wore in his tweet:

“Fanaticism is always a function of repressed doubt – Dune”

But apparently, this quote wasn’t exactly taken from the book and Twitter’s own fact check has corrected him. It wrote:

“This is not a quote from the book “Dune” but from the psychologist Carl Jung.
The actual quote is “Fanaticism is always a sign of repressed doubt.”

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Elon Musk Fanned Twitter Shutdown
Elon Musk Twitter

Make what you will of this latest occurrence, but the reactions from the fans are quite hilarious. Here, take a look at how people have reacted to Musk being fact-checked:

Twitter employees must be enjoying this.

People are also questioning the existence of the Culture Crave Twitter page after many of his anti-Musk tweets.

Another correction from Courtney Lanning…


And lastly, people are worried that another Twitter employee will soon be fired for this.

Surely, this won’t become the cause of another firing, would it???

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Twitter’s Recent Lay-Offs

Elon Musk

Last month, Musk claimed that the company could face bankruptcy if more cash isn’t generated in the near future. So, he has been laying people off and shared plans to fire about 3,700 people in his first week. And more of them were let go when they didn’t meet Musk’s deadline and demands of changes in their work schedules.

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But things seem to be turning around according to Musk himself as he also tweeted the following recently:

Maybe, the storm covering Twitter is over and things will change for the better from here on out.

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