“This is one of the Most disturbing scenes…”: One Jesse Plemons’ Scene in Civil War Will Give You Goosebumps

The scene was part of a cameo that Jesse Plemons did for the film.



  • A24's Civil War, starring Kristen Dunst, has taken the world by storm thanks to one eerie scene.
  • Appearing in a cameo, Jesse Plemons plays a militant asking the protagonists what kind of American they are, while holding them at gunpoint.
  • The film has been praised by audiences and critics alike.
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Civil War is shaping up to be one of A24’s most successful films, which is odd considering how far the film starts from the roots of its studio. The film follows a group of journalists making their way from the now-divided United States of America, which had split into multiple factions.

Image via Civil War Trailer - A24
Image via Civil War Trailer – A24 | YouTube

Starring in the film along with Kristen Dunst and Wagner Moura, is Jesse Plemons, who has been credited with one of the most chilling scenes in the film, one that might be more relevant to today’s political climate than any other part of the film.

Jesse Plemons delivered one of the most chilling scenes of Civil War

Jesse Plemons in Civil War (2024)
Jesse Plemons in Civil War (2024)Jesse Plemons in Civil War (2024)

Civil War is a film that comes under the genre of dystopian fiction, although there are enough memes online that would say otherwise. One of the scenes in the film, involving the ever-talented Jesse Plemons (Jungle Cruise, Killers of the Flower Moon), serves as a cameo for the actor. However, this one scene has gotten a lot of people at the edge of their seats, given how filled with tension it is.


The scene involves Plemmons, playing a militant, asking the journalists what kind of an American are they. This signifies the broken nature of the states, which might have unofficially separated from the union, but are not internationally recognized yet. This points towards the increasing problem of division that plagues even today’s America.

Civil War has been receiving a significant amount of praise online

Kirsten Dunst's character in Civil War was inspired by famed war correspondent Marie Colvin
Kirsten Dunst’s character in Civil War was inspired by famed war correspondent Marie Colvin

Civil War is being loved by critics, as is indicated by its more than satisfactory critics scores on various sites. However, it has also managed to capture the hearts of fans. There are some things that are audiences have considered too much to suspend their disbelief with, such as Texas aligning with California, but largely the film has received a slew of positive ratings from fans and critics alike.


The film’s themes and motifs are something that can resonate with the audiences, given how polarized the climate of the country is, and with every aspect of public life coming under immense scrutiny, there is something cathartic about the coming of a film like Civil War. It is able to speak to people who feel that the United States has never been more divided, serving as a cautionary tale for all those who truly understand what the film means to a modern American audience.

Civil War releases in theatres on April 12, 2024. 


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