“This is really sad, that is not her fault”: Emilia Clarke Feels Helpless After Fans Hate Her MCU Debut In ‘Secret Invasion’

Emilia Clarke Feels Helpless After Fans Hate Her MCU Debut In ‘Secret Invasion’
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Marvel Studios hyped Secret Invasion and the audience knows what happened by the end of the final episode. Samuel L. Jackson carried the show with his wits but one particular actor has been on fans radar throughout the run.


Emilia Clarke has freshly grabbed the spotlight as fans give their judgment. The 36-year-old actor has opened up about her big Marvel debut as fans haven’t been able to digest her character well. 

Marvel's Secret Invasion
Marvel’s Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke, in a recent interview, has been found defending her MCU entry saying the show is already out there and she is not calling the shots.


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Why Fans Dislike Emilia Clarke’s G’iah in Secret Invasion?

The final episode of Secret Invasion kept that big CGI fight sequence a secret until the very end, and Emilia Clarke’s G’iah became the most powerful Skrull to ever live. 

Despite that, fans have been complaining that Clarke didn’t contribute much to the story and her power-up scene could not make up for a weakly written character.

G'iah and Gravik
G’iah and Gravik

Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth and Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Gravik have been appreciated by enthusiasts as they had a formidable screen presence.

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Has Emilia Clarke Surrendered To Marvel Studios?

Fans can speculate all day if it’s a hefty paycheck that MCU has tied Emilia Clarke with, but according to a post on Instagram from Cave Comic, the actor has made her stand clear. 

G'iah in the finale
G’iah in the finale

“If people don’t like something I’ve done or a choice the franchise I’m in has made, we’ve already done it. So there’s not much I can do,” Clarke said in a press interview.

Fans are all over the post reacting to the news —


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“At least she was humble about it, instead of being too “defensive,” says blacklantern_negative_regime.

“Why attack her? Blame the writers, the director for making her too OP, when Feige literally told him to do a ‘fair game’ yet they did the opposite,” says fvckjmcr002.

“I don’t blame the actors and writers. I blame the owners of Disney, Marvel, and Hollywood, along with whoever owns them as a whole,” says back4redhood_.

“I don’t think people hate her character. They hate what’s been done to it and that’s not her fault,” says theaveragemoviecritic.

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The Marvels, releasing on November 10, could explore the story further and bring Emilia Clarke to the main roster of heroes. 


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