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‘This is the biggest baddest weapon of all’: Werewolf by Night Boss Brian Gay Compares Bloodstone to Infinity Stones, Says it Can Kill ‘Mermaids and vampires’

Werewolf by Night Boss Brian Gay Compares Bloodstone to Infinity Stones, Says it Can Kill 'Mermaids and vampires'

The Bloodstone which appears in Werewolf By Night isn’t discussed that much but it has its roots squarely planted in the history of Marvel horror comics. It is also known as “Bloodgem,” somehow similar to the Infinity Gem/Stone but different in powers. You can say, it’s a magical talisman with links to the history of the Marvel Universe.

*Spoiler alert*

Werewolf by Night, Disney+
Werewolf by Night, Disney+

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It is also linked to the monster-slaying family of Elsa Bloodstone and possesses special powers which aren’t been fully explored yet. Even if its powers aren’t fully known still, Marvel Comics had covered a lot of important details to understand the Bloodstone.

What is the Bloodstone?

The Bloodstone, Warewolf by Night
The Bloodstone, Warewolf by Night

The Bloodstone also known as “Bloodgem,” first appeared with its first owner Ulysses Bloodstone in 1975’s Marvel Presents #1, although it has evolved, its true nature has stayed the same. Werewolf By Night, which happens on the grounds of Bloodstone Manor, shows the family the stone that empowers them and then the monster hunters fight to earn the right to wield the Bloodstone. Elsa Bloodstone, played by Laura Donnelly, is one of the hunters, who wields the Bloodstone by the end of Werewolf By Night.

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Considering her history as a monster hunter with connections to the Avengers, she might be a key connecting those horror characters to the wider MCU. Previously, Kevin Feige also stated that there will be plenty of monsters in the future of MCU, and introducing the Bloodstone will be perfect to handle such stories.

What Makes the Bloodstone Different From Infinity Stones?

Elsa Bloodstone, Marvel Comics
Elsa Bloodstone, Marvel Comics

The Werewolf by Night Executive Producer Brian Gay talked about the powers of the Bloodstone and how it differs from the Infinity Stones. According to the producer, this supernatural stone has “a specific ability to control the supernatural creatures.” He further added:

“One thing is its sort of supernatural powers, right? The Infinity Stones specifically were about the specific style and type of power that they had. And for the Bloodstone, we lean into the comic lore and basically, it has a specific ability to control the supernatural creatures.”

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He also said that this stone is important for monster hunters because it can control them. The producer also specifically added that “it’s the only one in existence.” Though we have to wait for future MCU specials and movies, and with the addition of Bloodstone to the MCU it will be another step forward in the opening of the horror wing.

Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+.


Written by Shreeparna Das