“This is the price we pay”: Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 Director Was Prepared for a Major Risk That Ruined ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to Avoid Taika Waititi’s Thor 4 Blunder

"This is the price we pay": Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3 Director Was Prepared for a Major Risk That Ruined 'The Dark Knight Rises' to Avoid Taika Waititi's Thor 4 Blunder

Deadpool’s entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe could prove to be groundbreaking for Marvel Studios in more ways than one.

The images of Ryan Reynolds filming alongside Hugh Jackman have sent the excitement for Deadpool 3 through the roof, leaving fans wondering just how Shawn Levy, the director of the movie, would fit the logic of Wolverine returning from the dead and joining Wade Wilson’s hands without making the plot seem forced.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

The same images, however, have also led to worries of leaked set photos spoiling the storyline of the movie, akin to The Dark Knight Rises. The Christopher Nolan-directed movie saw its pictures and on-set video leaked online much before its release, leaving Warner Bros. and other Hollywood productions apprehensive.

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What Thor 4 Blunder Does Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 Director Wants to Avoid

Over the years, Marvel Studios have done impressively well to keep details of their projects under wraps. However, as they gear up to introduce Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool franchise – which was previously owned by Fox – under the MCU umbrella, they also brace themselves for a few changes that might weaken their otherwise strong grip on leaks.

Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine during the filming of Deadpool 3.
Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

These days, Marvel usually tends to turn to filming on sets with green screens wherever they can. While this has made things much easier with regard to preventing leaks, it has also in some situations ruined the experience for moviegoers, as green screens don’t always manage to effectively replicate the feel of the huge locations.

Taika Waititi‘s Thor: Love and Thunder, is among the many movies that could’ve done better without the constraints of limited physical space. Even Christian Bale, who played Gorr the God Butcher in the movie, admitted he didn’t find the experience of filming on a green screen very enriching or exciting. “That’s the first time I’ve done that. I mean, the definition of it is monotony,” he said (via GQ).


Shawn Levy is also wary of the reliance on green screen and isn’t going to repeat the Thor 4 blunder in Deadpool 3 – even if that means playing with the fire of leaks.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 Director Explains His Decision to Take Risk That Ruined The Dark Knight Rises

There’s no denying that leaked set pictures and videos have the potential to spoil certain movies. Still, many uncompromising directors would rather take that risk than change the vision of their project. Ask Nolan to film The Dark Knight Rises using green screen instead of real locations for the same leaked scenes, and there’s a good chance he’d disagree. The extreme lengths he went to recreate the nuclear explosion in Oppenheimer just to not use CGI should tell you everything.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy.

Similarly, Levy is also willing to take the risk of set photos hitting the internet rather than change his style. He told Total Film Magazine (via Yahoo): “It bums me out that photos have leaked online. But this is the price we pay for committing to real locations. I made a decision very early in prep that even though Deadpool is now in the MCU, I didn’t want another Marvel movie shot on a green screen stage with digital set extensions.”

Merc with a Mouth might be now a Marvel-owned character, but Levy, from the start, has intended to not ditch the Fox legacy, which also extends to the way he wants to film and tell the story of the third installment of the franchise.

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Source: Yahoo, GQ

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