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“This is what happens when you give VFX artists an actual budget”: Fans Swoon Over Black Adam As Latest Trailer Put Phase 4 MCU to Shame With its Superior Graphics

Black Adam Latest Trailer Put Phase 4 MCU

Black Adam has been in the talks since Dwayne Johnson has been in constant process of marketing the movie. The recent release of the official trailer of Black Adam has the fans swooning all over the floor.

The VFX artists have gained much love and adoration from the public with the release of the trailer that shows all the glory and glamour of DC’s anti-hero.

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Dwayne Johnson in the latest trailer for Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in the latest trailer for Black Adam (2022).

The Commendable VFX of Black Adam

With the release of the latest trailer, the fans have been in awe and amazement with the way the VFX artists have been working hard for. The trailer shows massive CGI fights, vivid colors, and, some of the finest cinematography.

Dwayne Johnson at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 in full Black Adam costume.
Dwayne Johnson at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 in full Black Adam costume.

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Fans took to Twitter to shower the VFX artists with praises and much love for the upcoming film and are taking part in keeping the hype alive.

The fans have also involved Marvel in the mix within since the controversies about the alleged volatile work environment with overtimes that stretch for as long as 18 hours!

Black Adam Is In The Mix of Things

The trailer creates new images for Black Adam.
The trailer creates new images for Black Adam.

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Black Adam is in the mix of things as the people always sway from the extreme ends of the balance swing. Many people feel that the alleged ego of Dwayne Johnson will be a hinderance for the people in the future. While some people are hyped up about the release of the movie, many people are tired of the endless marketing that the lead actor has put himself into.

It was reported that Dwayne Johnson is at the helm of things at the DCEU since he specifically requested to add a scene of Black Adam’s dog meeting Superman’s dog that made a mark as the official entry of Black Adam into the DCEU.

Black Adam is slated for a release date on 21st October 2022 in theaters across the world.

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