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‘This is what Hollywood should be like’: Everything Everywhere All at Once Cast Claps for Brendan Fraser after He Won Best Actor Award

'This is what Hollywood should be like': Everything Everywhere All at Once Cast Claps for Brendan Fraser after He Won Best Actor Award

Brendan Fraser bagged the Award for Best Actor in the 28th Critics Choice Awards. His latest movie The Whale continues to garner appreciation from the fans. This also continues Fraser’s achievement spree. His performance in the movie received a 6-minutes long standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. But a beautiful moment was witnessed backstage when the whole cast of Everything Everywhere All at Once showed their love for The Mummy fame during the Critics Choice Awards.

Brendan Fraser critics choice awards
Brendan Fraser gets emotional at the Critics Choice Awards

Everything Everywhere All at Once also turned out to be one of the most iconic ventures of 2022. The project was honored with several awards at different places and even the fans loved it very much. This sheer dominance was also seen in the Critics Choice Awards. But they were, even more, cheered up to spot Brendan Fraser sporting the Best Actor award.

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Brendan Fraser celebrated his win with the EEAAO cast

Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser with EEAAO’s Ke Huy Quan

The Whale, directed by Darren Aronofsky, proved to be a strong comeback project for Brendan Fraser who was absent from the big screens for a long time. Fraser took a long leave from the industry for several reasons. One of the major reasons was a controversy where he accused the then Hollywood Foreign Press Association president of sexual assault.

As a teary-eyed Brendan Fraser delivered a magnificent speech after receiving the Award for Best Actor, the audience could sense his raw emotions about everything he went through during all these years. His performance as the obese English teacher in the movie gained him worldwide appreciation. But the audience witnessed an absolutely beautiful moment when the whole cast of Everything Everywhere All at Once celebrated Fraser’s win.

Everything Everywhere All at Once
A still from Everything Everywhere All at Once

EEAAO dominated the Critics Choice Awards by bagging some of the major awards such as Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. The fans were delighted as Fraser reunited with his former co-stars Ke Huy Quan (Encino Man) and Michelle Yeoh (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor). After the win, the whole team also invited him to have a photo with them.

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The Fans were absolutely overjoyed at the scene

Brendan Fraser
The Instagram Post

As the scene of the cast of the multiversal movie clapping and participating in sharing Brendan Fraser’s moment of happiness went viral on the Internet, the fans fell in love with the whole thing. It showed them something different from the usual Hollywood monotony. Many comments from the fans hinted at the varied perspective of the audience, but the common factor in all of those was the amount of love they have for both Fraser and the EEAAO cast.

A user commented that this is what actual Hollywood should be like.

“This is what Hollywood should be like. Loving and supporting, maybe better films would come out of it. Better chemistry among actors.”

Others stated that as both of the parties are underdogs, they can understand each other’s struggles very well.

“The underdogs always root for the other underdogs.”

“This is happening because this is not a typical Hollywood movie/crew. This movie dabbles in the line of being an indie movie. So naturally the whole team is close-knit and are not snobs.”

Some reactions stated that the George of the Jungle actor deserved this treatment after all that he has been through.

“This is so sweet. Brendan really deserves the applause he’s getting. After everything that happened to him, he got back in his feet and came back into Hollywood.”

“Love that even other actors response to seeing our guy is to shout out ‘Brendan!!!!!!!!’ like superfans!”

Brandan Fraser in The Whale
Brandan Fraser in The Whale

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Now it will be exciting to see if Brendan Fraser can also win big at the upcoming Oscars or not. The same also goes for Everything Everywhere All At Once, which also doesn’t seem to cease its dominance anytime soon.

The Whale can be streamed on HBO Max, while Everything Everywhere All At Once can be streamed on Prime Video.

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Written by Subham Mandal

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