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“This is what we deal with”: Spider-Man Star Zendaya Was Denied Service Because of Her “Skin tone”

"This is what we deal with": Spider-Man Star Zendaya Was Denied Service Because of Her "Skin tone"

Zendaya is one of Hollywood’s most prominent actresses, with her having integral roles in some of the biggest movies. Her career has skyrocketed in a marvelous way making her an immediate fan favorite. However, her career hasn’t been the kindest either. As a woman of color in a powerful position, she has experienced some dark aspects of life that are otherwise things the world is far from proud about.

Zendaya, American actress
Zendaya, American actress

It was during a visit to a grocery store that the actress was met with perhaps the coldest conversations she had ever had. She was absolutely unhappy and the entire scenario became a big deal making the store’s staff incredibly guilty. The entire incident took place just because the actress wanted to buy a gift card.

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Zendaya Had To Deal With Racist Shopkeepers

Zendaya once took to Snapchat to post a video about her experience at a grocery store. The actress had a rough encounter with a clerk that did not lead to a good ending for the store itself. She was unable to buy a gift card that she was looking to purchase as the clerk simply deemed that she could not even afford it.

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“This is what we deal with,” someone added from behind in the video. “Because we’re black.”

The gift card was for merely $400. The actress added how the clerk was racist toward her and refused to give her proper service. She was dumbfounded by just how the actress was being treated just because of the color of her skin. She posted a video regarding the same and with the kind heart that the Spider-Man: Homecoming actress has, she chose to wish her well and have a good life ahead. However, the matter was risen more and even reached the parent company of the grocery store.

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The Grocery Stores Parent Company Apologized To Zendaya

A statement was issued regarding the matter that addressed what happened and how deeply apologetic the company was. They confirmed that what Zendaya was purchasing was under the required limit that the store had for gift cards. According to the statement, there is a limit to which one can purchase a gift card.

Zendaya at the 2023 Primetime Emmy

“We respect Zendaya’s voice in the community and similarly are committed to diversity and inclusion,” the statement continued. “We understand that race is a sensitive issue in America and view this experience as a reminder that every interaction is an opportunity to treat each customer as we ourselves would like to be treated.”

Zendaya had been within the limit and should not have faced any issues regarding the same as well. However, the clerk refused to help her and instead, another clerk working in the store had to assist her throughout her purchase.

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