‘This isn’t filling me with optimism for Avatar 2’: James Cameron Calls Testosterone a Toxin That Men Must Purge From Their Systems Mere Days Before Movie Release

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James Cameron is like Dracula of the Hollywood industry, he was infamous in the past for making some of the greatest films known to mankind. Then, he decided to take a long, symbolic sleep from making movies, 13 years to be exact. His last film Avatar went on to become the highest-grossing film of all time, making a whopping $2.92 Billion at the box office, which entitles a man to a nap if you look at it.

James Cameron.
James Cameron

And now, the legend is back from his long slumber to take his rightful throne as the greatest of all time with the sequel to his best work in the form of Avatar: The Way Of Water, although, it seems like he’s still too groggy from his nap. In a recent article by The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron said that he believes that the male hormone testosterone is a toxin to the body, and people are not liking what he said.

James Cameron Says That The Male Hormone Is A Toxin

James Cameron.
James Cameron.

James Cameron, the creator of the most commercially successful film of all time is known for voicing his opinions and his wishes to both the public, as well as the executives of companies that he has worked with in the past. Very famously, he was in the spotlight during the making of Avatar for openly getting into heated arguments with the executives of 20th Century Studios on the topic of the film’s budget, trying to convince them of the potential of the film to make all their money back and then some.


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And we all saw his words come to fruition when the film went on to become the successful project of filmmaking that it is today. After this, Cameron realized that this was something that he needed to make his dream work, so, he took a break of 13 years to plan out the next 4 films of the series. But just before the release of the highly-anticipated sequel, the director seems to have gotten himself into a controversy. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron made a comment that didn’t sit well with many fans and the general public. He said:

“I always think of [testosterone] as a toxin that you have to slowly work out of your system.”

Now, this was something that took the internet by storm, engaging people on Twitter with typing their views on this controversial comment. Many also believe that this, in turn, would end up becoming a hurdle to the success of the upcoming film.



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What Should We Expect From Avatar: The Way Of Water

Avatar The Way of Water 3
Still image from James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water

The insane success of the previous film has put a lot of figurative and literal pressure on the sequel. Avatar: The Way Of Water would take us on a new journey to meet a different clan of the Na’vi race to seek help from them and put an end to the human invasion of their home world. This film would give us a literal ocean of possibilities and uncertainties that the audience would have the pleasure of viewing.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water, in cinemas on 16th December 2022


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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