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‘This life comes at a massive cost’: After earning $6M for Shang-Chi, Simu Liu Undergoes Therapy After Claiming Says He Was “woefully unprepared” For Becoming a Marvel Star

simu liu in depression after shang chi

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings have been a huge part of Simu Liu’s life. The movie singlehandedly pushed the actor through heights of success. To be precise, it is one of the best debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and established the Kim Convenience Star in this colossal world of superheroes. But it came with a price to pay. It is recently reported by the actor that he suffered various mental health issues due to the escalating stardom. 

Simu Liu
Simu Liu

On the first anniversary of the movie, Simu Liu took to his Instagram to not only acknowledge it but also to reveal the drastic effects of the popularity. 

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The lack of mental peace amid escalating stardom

In a big heartfelt post on Instagram, Simu Liu discussed how the MCU movie had a major impact on his life and career. The movie brought him to the public eye in no time and he was showered with widespread praise and appreciation.

Simu Liu opens up on Instagram
The Instagram post by Simu Liu

Starting the post, Liu shared how the movie was a turning point in his career but it took him no time to understand the mental trouble of such massive popularity:

“Exactly one year ago, this little movie came out and completely changed my life. It’s been nothing short of the absolute best ride… but after having some time to reflect I know that this life also comes at a massive cost. I was suddenly catapulted into a stratosphere I had no business being in, and was woefully unprepared to deal with the mental ramifications of a life lived in public.”

Simu Liu didn’t hesitate to confess that the stardom caused him to work beyond his limits to exhaustion. He dissolved himself so much into this newfound life that he forgot to take a break and check up on himself:

“I felt like I was riding the hell out of the learning curve, crushing all my talk show appearances and interviews, but I was also neglecting to spend the necessary time to check in with myself and prioritize my mental health.”

After Shang-Chi, Liu got a wide list of works. He is also set to star in the widely anticipated Barbie movie starring alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The actor added that for some time, he absolutely thought about nothing but representing his community to better heights:

“I’ve shot four movies since, currently shooting my fifth, and also published a memoir. I’ve barely had time to breathe because I’ve been so afraid of taking my foot off the gas. I was SO obsessed with the idea of taking up space and representing for my community that I worked nearly myself to exhaustion. And while I am SO proud of my achievements and my work ethic, I know that moving forward something has to change.”

Concluding his post, the actor said that finally, he understood the importance of his mental happiness more as a result of which he is in therapy. Mental health will be a more important priority for the actor right now and all he will thrive for is to become a better version of himself:

“So today on the anniversary of the release of Shang-Chi I’m especially excited because I’m in therapy and prioritizing my health. I’m healing and well on my way to becoming something more than a superhero; I’m on my way to becoming a good and decent man. (But also stay tuned cause I do love doing this and will continue for many many years to come)”

The stars need to acknowledge the importance of their mental space. They should get it right that all that dollars and fame would count for nothing if they are in a bad mental state so Simu Liu taking action for himself surely deserve appreciation.

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Simu Liu is not alone

Actors who can play The Flash
Recently Tom Holland also left social media due to mental issues

Mental issues and lack of inner peace are something that should be normalized. Work should always take a backseat when it comes to these topics. Very recently the Spider-Man fame Tom Holland also left social media in the wake of his mental issues. This shows that sometimes the stardom which looks lucrative to us may not be the same on the other side.

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In the past also actors like our very own Chris Evans and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spoke about issues affecting them. But the most important part is to start healing yourself before any detrimental effects take place.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings is streaming on Disney+

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