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“This melt brings hope”: After Nearly Losing His Life in Accident, Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Hopeful For a Quick Comeback

"This melt brings hope": After Nearly Losing His Life in Accident, Hawkeye Actor Jeremy Renner Hopeful For a Quick Comeback

The New Year didn’t start off pleasant for Jeremy Renner. Breaking over thirty bones in his body owing to a terrible snow plowing accident, the actor was quickly hospitalized where he underwent surgery. According to reports, the machine ran over one of Jeremy Renner’s legs which in turn led to the immense loss of blood.

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

Changing seasons sure brings hope into the lives of every living being. After the cold, dark days of winter, a little sunlight is perfect for a change in mood. As Jeremy Renner is now in recovery, he is back to residing in his Lake Tahoe mansion. Everything seems to be slowly but surely getting better for the actor as he took to Instagram to share yet another update about life in recovery.

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 Jeremy Renner is Hopeful for a Speedy Recovery

Jeremy Renner and Evangeline Lilly
Jeremy Renner and Evangeline Lilly

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After a couple of surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay, Jeremy Renner is back home. Taking to Instagram, Renner posted a story of the front gate of his Lake Tahoe home. As the winter season is slowly being left behind, the sun has started to melt the snow surrounding it. He shared a photo he took of the front gate which once had snow obstructing it. In the post, Renner stated that the melting snow is bringing him hope before adding that the melting of the snow has seemingly given his home a new entrance, right in the front.

via Jeremy Renner's Instagram
via Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

Renner’s Marvel co-star, Evangeline Lilly, talked to Access about her visit to the actor’s home. “He has recovered like a mo-fo,” stated Lilly before adding that he was doing well. Lilly told the outlet that she went into his house with the preconceived notion that Renner would be moaning and groaning on his bed due to pain. However, that wasn’t the case as she stated he “was wheeling himself around, laughing with his friends.” Lilly continued that his recovery was nothing short of a miracle after everything that happened to him. He sure bounced back in the classic Avengers way!

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A Quick Summary of Jeremy Renner’s Unfortunate Accident

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner after the accident

One has to be living under a rock to not have heard of the terrible accident that Renner went through this new year. Our own Hawkeye was involved in a “weather-related accident” whilst he was plowing snow to help a relative’s car stuck in the snow. TMZ reported that the plowing machine ran over one of his legs which caused him a ton of blood and over thirty bones were broken. Luckily, a neighbor who was a doctor was able to apply a tourniquet on Renner’s leg which helped him to not lose more blood After the accident, the actor was immediately airlifted and went through two surgeries. Hollywood has been in a state of collective shock over the whole situation. Later he was declared to be in a “stable but critical condition”.

Since then he has been making baby steps on his long walk of recovery. Just recently, he posted an Instagram post updating his fans and loved ones about his health. The caption read – “These 30-plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens . Love and blessings to you all”.

Via Jeremy Renner's Instagram
Via Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

We all as big fans of Renner hope and pray that he continues his speedy recovery and comes back to the big screen and wow us again with his acting and screen presence.

Source: Instagram | Jeremy Renner

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