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“This melt brings HOPE”: Jeremy Renner Puts Cryptic Instagram Post After Near-Fatal Snow Plow Accident That Threatened His Marvel Career

“This melt brings HOPE”: Jeremy Renner Puts Cryptic Instagram Post After Near-Fatal Snow Plow Accident That Threatened His Marvel Career

After the notoriously famous snow plow accident, MCU actor Jeremy Renner seems to be doing well. While healing peacefully at his home, the Hawkeye actor stays in contact with the current world through means of social media.

With a new Instagram story that the actor put on his account, fans seem to be confused with the text. While seemingly featuring the entryway to his home with a clear path surrounded by snow, the melt brings hope for Jeremy Renner this season.

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown.
Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown.

Jeremy Renner Shares A Cryptic Story on Instagram

With around 30 broken bones in the accident, Renner truly had a rough time during his treatment. Suffering from a head wound and a crushed upper torso, it was doubtful whether the actor would be able to walk again or not.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

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While trying to save his nephew from a stranded car in the snow, the snow plow seemingly rolled down the slope crushing Jeremy Renner in the process. After the healing was done, The Avengers actor was discharged from the hospital to stay at home for some necessary rest. With a change in the season coming, Renner shared a cryptic Instagram story from his account. Showcasing his house, the actor seemed to have gained hope by seeing the snow melt and a clear pathway to his house visible.

A screenshot of Jeremy Renner's Instagram story.
A screenshot of Jeremy Renner’s Instagram story.

With the captioned text stating a cryptic statement, Jeremy Renner seems to be happy that the snow has melted and the entrance to his house has cleared. Although this seems to be a cryptic message, it could also be some harmless fun that the actor wanted to share with the people. The actor recently shared what seemed to be an appreciation post for the countless people who helped him during his trials and the support from fans around the world.

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Jeremy Renner Thanks His Fans For All The Support

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner.

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After what seemed a long time of praying and hoping for the actor’s recovery, Jeremy Renner made it home (without the need for any amputations). While talking about his health and updates through social media, the Wind River actor thanked all his fans for the wonderful support that they had shown during those troublesome times.

The actor shared an image of him working his leg for better movement while in the captions, Renner wrote a heartfelt message for the people reading.

“Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this particular new years …. Spawned from tragedy for my entire family, and quickly focused into uniting actionable love ❤️ I want to thank EVERYONE for their messages and thoughtfulness for my family and I …. Much love and appreciation to you all. These 30 plus broken bones will mend , grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens . Love and blessings to you all 🙏❤️🙏.”

The actor has been recovering quite quickly as the people expect Renner to be back on MCU sets in no time. The actor’s recent project, the 2nd season of Mayor of Kingstown has been garnering much acclaim and praise after quite some time. Till the time Jeremy Renner is recovering, Mayor of Kingstown is available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: Jeremy Renner’s Instagram

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