This Moon Knight Spot is Either a Major Botch or Brilliant Easter Egg

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With just one episode remaining, Moon Knight has left fans puzzled with its distinct storyline and using an unreliable narrator to keep the audience guessing. Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Moon Knight, the series focuses on the character’s mental illness, making it a first for Marvel Studios. In the series, Marc Spector suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), resulting in multiple personalities which are further exploited by a malevolent Egyptian deity named Khonshu.


Created by Jeremy Slater, Moon Knight has taken its most notable inspiration from Jeff Lemire’s run of the character, as shown in the latest episodes. However, the series has been full of easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans since the beginning. While most of the easter eggs have been subtle to serve the comic book fans, one particular incident has stood out for its multi-layered reference.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Easter Egg
Moon Knight

The Moon Knight Spot From Episode 3 – The Friendly Type

In the third episode of Moon Knight titled The Friendly Type, Marc travels to Egypt to track Harrow and find the tomb of Ammit. During his journey, he finds three henchmen working for Harrow, and tries to interrogate them. Unsurprisingly, it gets violent as the three of them start viciously attacking Marc.

Moon Knight Camerman Easter egg
Marc and Khonshu

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As the fight prolongs, both Steven and Marc experience inexplicable blackouts, which hints at a third personality lurking under the surface. However, when Marc regains control of the body, he once again starts chasing the henchmen to get conclusive answers regarding the tomb of Ammit. During that chase sequence, viewers noticed a cameraman in the frame. While most fans considered it to be a technical error from the production department, the spot might be a genius easter egg.

How is the cameraman in Moon Knight an Easter Egg?

In the comics, the Steven Grant persona of Marc Spector is quite different from the one depicted in the show. A far cry from the series, the original Steven Grant is a suave billionaire who has a keen interest in producing movies. However, that version of Grant also believes that he is actually inside a movie at times, hence surrounded by cameras.

Moon Knight Cameraman Easter Egg
Moon Knight – Episode 3

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While the show version of Steven Grant is depicted to be a Londoner who works at an Egyptian museum, the inclusion of the cameraman in the chase sequence can be a nod to the original Steven Grant from the source material. Considering how the showrunner and directors have paid attention to detail in Moon Knight, it makes a lot of sense that the inclusion of the cameraman is indeed a homage to the comics.

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The final episode of Moon Knight will stream on May 4, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.


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