“This one quote just made me realize how good this show is!”: The Acolyte Episode 7 Wins Over Fans With a Single Quote That Nods to the Most Tragic Star Wars Storyline

The Acolyte episode 7 finally provides some much-needed answers and in the process impresses fans with one clever line of dialog.

The Acolyte


  • The Acolyte has generally received a negative reaction from critics and fans alike, but the seventh episode turned things around.
  • In the episode, Mother Aniseya warns Sol and the other Jedi about their noble intentions leading to their downfall, a nod to Order 66 from the prequels.
  • Fans quickly took note of the Order 66 nod in episode 7 and praised the series on social media for hinting at the Jedi being responsible for their destruction.
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Spoilers for the latest episode of The Acolyte

The Acolyte has divided the Star Wars fanbase for most of its run, with criticism aimed at its writing, performances, and handling of the franchise’s lore. However, the series seems to have won over at least some of the fans with its latest seventh episode.

A still from The Acolyte | Lucasfilm
The Acolyte episode 7 impressed Star Wars fans (Credit: Lucasfilm).

The episode is a flashback from the Jedi’s perspective and sheds more light on the mysterious origin of Osha and Mae. However, it also features a nod to one of the most tragic storylines in the franchise. Fans love the quote which references one of the biggest tragedies in Star Wars and here is what they have to say.

One Dialog From The Acolyte Episode 7 Is a Nod to the Order 66 Storyline in Star Wars

The Acolyte is set roughly a hundred years before the events of the Star Wars prequels. Created by Leslye Headland, the series has received mostly negative reviews from critics and fans, mainly for its uneven pacing and poor handling of the lore.

The Witches Coven scene in The Acolyte | Disney+
The Acolyte episode features a nod to Order 66 (Credit: Lucasfilm).

However, the seventh episode turned things around for the heavily criticized series with one simple scene. The episode is a flashback to the events on Brendok that led to the death of Osha and Mae’s witch coven. In one scene, Mother Aniseya warns the Jedi about their noble intentions leading to their fall.

The dialog is an obvious reference to the events of the Revenge of the Sith, which leads to the complete downfall of the Jedi Order. In the film, Darth Sidious executes the Order 66 command on the Clone Troopers, leading to them turning on the Jedi and killing most of them.

Fans Impressed With The Acolyte Episode 7 After Order 66 Nod

Die-hard fans of the franchise quickly took note of the nod to Order 66 in The Acolyte and were impressed with how the dialog fits in within the show’s context while also hinting at the lowest point in the Jedi history.

A still from The Acolyte showing Dafne Keen in action
Fans are loving The Acolyte hinting at the Jedi’s downfall (Credit: Lucasfilm).

Here is what fans had to say about the Order 66 reference in The Acolyte episode 7 on X (formerly Twitter).


From the tweets, it is evident that the line of dialog impressed most fans, who loved how it hints at the Jedi Order’s downfall in the future, especially because of their noble intentions clashing with their politically enmeshed duties.

Furthermore, the dialog also draws parallels between Sol trying to rescue Osha and Qui-Gon Jinn rescuing Anakin Skywalker, both noble intentions. However, the latter results in Anakin turning on the Jedi Council and falling to the dark side. Hence, it will be interesting to see if Osha goes down a similar path.


The Acolyte and other Star Wars content is streaming on Disney+.

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