“This scene was straight out of anime”: Behind the Scene Footage of Intense ‘Lord of the Coast’ Moment From ‘One Piece’ Live Action Leaves Anime Fans Speechless

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Behind the Scene Footage of Intense ‘Lord of the Coast’ Moment From ‘One Piece’ Live Action Leaves Anime Fans Speechless

One Piece’s live-action adaption has finally earned the title of a successful series. It has built a name for itself alongside manga and anime, and people are enjoying it with some minor changes. Unlike most live-action adaptations, the One Piece live-action series has largely maintained close to the source material. The series may have adapted some scenes according to their own, but they have kept most of the story and epic scenes similar.

One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix
One Piece Netflix

One of the biggest applause the series has received for its editing and CGI. The live-action adaptation has broken all the limitations and curses of a stereotypical anime live-action story by recreating some of the best scenes with the help of great CGI making the fans love it more. One such scene is the Lord of the Coast Moment of the series.

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The Lord of the Cost Scene

When Higuma kidnaps Luffy, their boat is attacked by a Sea King known as The Lord of the Coast. Shanks saves Luffy after Higuma is slain. The Lord of the Coast is an extremely aggressive and fierce Sea King, which explains why it attacked Luffy and Shanks. The Sea King seizes Shank’s left arm. Shanks then stares at the beast and orders it to go away while utilizing some of his Haki. This scares the Sea King away.

Lord of the coast
Lord of the coast

This scene was perfectly adapted by the Netflix series. The creators of the series with the help of brilliant editing and CGI were able to recreate the scene perfectly.

The sea beast involved in the scene was made very realistic giving the fans a similar experience to that of the anime. The scene was well appreciated by fans and behind-the-scenes footage of this intense scene has surfaced on the Internet, giving the fans a chance to applaud the scene.

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Fans Appreciate The Behind The Scenes Footage on Twitter

Fans have fallen in love with the behind-the-scenes footage of the lord of the Coast moment from the series. Watching it recreated and then perfected into the edit has left fans speechless and they have started re-sharing the post on Twitter.

Lord of the Coast
Lord of the Coast

A Twitter account with the tag @chaotic_emily captioned: “ I love how he’s looking at a drone as a guide. Great job from everyone. Now, pay these people the money they deserve!”

Another user reposted the tweet captioning: “This is very impressive”

Another fan requested more bts from the official Netflix account

Netflix’s post has attracted a lot of eyes and has still become the talk of social media. The fans have asked for more BTS footage of the popular series and are now eagerly waiting for a season 2.

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Written by Tarun Kohli