“This was a whole new Joker for me”: Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy Have Entirely Opposite Schools of Thought on One Batman Franchise

Arkham Games was a difficult process for Kevin Conroy

Batman Arkham City, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill
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  • Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill made their Mark in the industry after voicing Batman and Joker for the DCAU.
  • Speaking about Arkham Games, while Hamill enjoyed working on them, Conroy did not like working on them at all.
  • Hamill stopped playing Joker after the passing of his friend and colleague, Kevin Conroy.
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Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are two names that defined the DCAU since Batman: The Animated Series was launched back in 1992. They voiced the hero-villain duo of Batman and Joker that became the standard for the rest of the adaptations. Since Batman: TAS, the two went on to lend their voice to these characters for various other projects.


Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in Batman- The Animated Series [Credit Warner Bros. Animation]
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in Batman: The Animated Series [Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
From animated shows to movies to even video games, both Conroy and Hamill forged a connection with the audience with these characters. Unfortunately, Conroy passed away back in 2022 amid a battle with cancer. And since then, Hamill has decided to retire from the character of Joker. Their friendship and camaraderie are one for the books but seems like there are instances where the two did not agree with each other.

Mark Hamill Found a Darker Approach to Joker With Batman: Arkham City

Last year in October, Batman: Arkham City turned 12, and Mark Hamill took the opportunity to reveal his thoughts on the game, and what it meant to work on the game. He said that the game allowed him to take a darker approach to the character, and it was a whole new experience for him.

Kevin Conroy in Batman The Animated Series
Kevin Conroy in Batman The Animated Series

Taking to X ( formerly Twitter), Hamill said:

“Freed from the constraints of television’s Standards & Practices Dept. (TV censors) & aimed at a more mature audience, the Arkham trilogy was dark, gritty & extremely violent. This was a whole new Joker for me.”

While it was a unique opportunity for Hamill, Kevin Conroy, his partner-in-crime had a vastly different opinion on the matter.

Kevin Conroy Hated Working on Batman: Arkham Games

Unlike Hamill, Kevin Conroy did not like the process of voicing Batman for the Arkham Games. He spoke of how isolated the whole process was, and how it was difficult and uncomfortable for him to work on it. Speaking to Popcorn & Shield, Conroy said:


“You do four hours a day alone, in a booth, in a vacuum, creating the character, keeping the character’s voice alive, and then creating the situation for each line, and then they want it three times.”

Andrea Romano played a massive role in the iconic DCAU castings
Kevin Conroy’s Batman and Mark Hamill’s Joker

He further added:

“By the time you get out of there you’re pulling out your hair, you’re going, ‘What the f**k do they want me to say!?’ So you do that for four hours, and then you get an hour for lunch, and then you do four hours more! And that goes on for a week, just you.”

But despite not liking the process of it all, Conroy did love the games and the story it brought to life.

Though Hamill and Conroy had very different opinions on the Arkham Games, they held immense love and respect for each other. After Conroy’s passing in 2022, Hamill also decided to finally say goodbye to the Clown Prince of Crime for good, as he said, “There doesn’t seem to be a Batman for me.”


You can enjoy the magic of this duo as they took the DCAU by storm in Batman: The Animated Series, available on Max.

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