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‘This was just a cameo…imagine if they announce Man of Steel 2’:Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo in Black Adam Setting Internet Ablaze Has Fans Convinced MoS 2 Could Resurrect DCEU

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Fans demanding Henry Cavill’s return as Superman is not something new. Ever since his last appearance in the 2021 Justice League, fans are continuously asking the studio to bring him back as Superman. Now that Dwayne Johnson has given tonnes of hints about Cavill’s appearance in his upcoming film, Black Adam, fans are convinced that this cameo can lead The Witcher star to get a sequel to his 2013 film Man of Steel. And Recent reports have suggested that the studio is in talks of Man of Steel 2.  

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU.
Henry Cavill as Superman

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson has teased Cavill’s return on several occasions, and Henry Cavill has also expressed his desire to reprise his role as Superman many times. And seems like the studio has finally decided to consider the fans’ and the star’s wishes.

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Henry Cavill to Return as Superman With Man of Steel 2

Dwayne Johnson has been hyping up his upcoming DC film Black Adam in many ways. Recently the actor started hinting towards Henry Cavill’s cameo in Black Adam. The Red Notice star has mentioned on several occasions that just like fans, he also wants to see Cavill as Superman again.

As the release date of Black Adam is nearing, more and more speculations about Henry Cavill’s return are being made. Following these, a new report has stated that the Man of Steel star will soon be back as Superman.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

He would not just appear in Black Adam, but a sequel to his 2013 film is also in talks. Industry insider David Faraci revealed the information during his podcast, Marvelvision.

In his podcast, he also said that it has been possible because of Dwayne Johnson as he constantly demanded to bring back Cavill as Superman. The podcast also revealed that the title for the sequel would reportedly be Man of Tomorrow.

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Fans Share Their Excitement For Man of Steel 2

As the news hit the internet, fans started sharing their excitement on Twitter. They started speculating who would be the villain in Man of Steel 2. Fans also discussed if Henry Cavill would have a cameo in Black Adam or if he would be in the post-credit scenes of the movie.

Fans even speculated that Cavill would not just return for a cameo as this has been one of the reasons why he was disappointed with the studio. A cameo would not be enough for him and the real reason he is reprising his role in Black Adam is that the studio offered him another Superman movie.

Fans also shared that the whole hype about Black Adam is because of Cavill’s cameo in the movie. Whether the Justice League actor would be in the movie or not will soon be revealed with the release of Black Adam.

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Warner Bros Signed a New Deal with Henry Cavill

The podcast also mentioned that The Rock went hard, full course press on the studio, leading them to go to Henry Cavill and sign a new deal with him. It also claimed that the studio also decided to develop a new Superman movie during this. 

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

The report also claimed that it all happened because of The Rock as he was the one who insisted on bringing Cavill back. However, the host of the podcast mentioned that Henry Cavill would not be appearing in Black Adam. It can be justified as it is speculated that Henry Cavill will not be in the movie but would appear in the post-credits, instead. 

However, fans believe that Superman will have a cameo in the movie itself and have even spotted a few hints in the trailer of Balck Adam. As there are not many days left to the release of the film, fans will soon find out if Henry Cavill is in the movie or not and if there would be a Man of Steel sequel

Man of Steel is available to stream on HBO Max. Black Adam will release on October 21, 2022.

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