“This was on another level”: Even Dwayne Johnson Is Blown Away By the Eruption in WWE Universe After His Roman Reigns Call Out

The astonishing arrival of Dwayne Johnson on Raw, wherein The Rock appears to call out Roman Reigns!

“This was on another level”: Even Dwayne Johnson Is Blown Away By the Eruption in WWE Universe After His Roman Reigns Call Out


  • The crowd cheered and was ecstatic when Dwayne Johnson made his WWE comeback on Raw Day One.
  • The Rock gave Jinder Mahal a harsh promo, in which he alluded to his angry expression.
  • Teasing a battle with his cousin, The Rock alluded to a possible match with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.
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It appears that we may have the answer to Dwayne Johnson’s popular query, “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” — his return to professional wrestling.


On Monday Night RAW’s annual WWE Day 1 broadcast in San Diego, California, the WWE announced the return of a former world champion to start the year 2024. Upon returning to the WWE world, Johnson, one of the greatest wrestlers in history, was a surprise to everyone. Few people anticipated that Triple H would bring back the People’s Champion when he announced that a ‘former WWE champion’ would be appearing on WWE Raw on Day 1.

The Rock, making his first Raw TV appearance since 2016, was revealed as the ‘unnamed champion’. During a segment featuring Jinder Mahal, The Rock asked the audience whether he should sit at “the head of the table”, seemingly aiming at his cousin, Roman Reigns.

Dwayne Johnson on WWE Monday Night RAW
Dwayne Johnson on WWE Monday Night RAW

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Raw Featured the Startling Arrival of The Rock

This week, Dwayne Johnson did more than just appear on Raw. He is now discussing his WWE comeback on Instagram and making strong insinuations that there will be more. As The Rock made an unexpected return to WWE on the Day 1 episode of RAW, the wrestling community was agog with anticipation.

The thrilling exchange featured a run-in with Jinder Mahal and a subtle tease about a possible matchup with Roman Reigns, his cousin. The actor is not done there, though. 

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson made a surprise return to on RAW
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made a surprise return to RAW

The Rock took to Instagram to express his gratitude to the San Diego crowd for their overwhelming love. He shared a video of his promo from RAW’s first day and wrote, 

“This is 25+ grateful years of building this sacred connection with the people. This eruption at the end just hit different. I’ve experienced some very loud crowd pops, throughout my career, but this was on another level. This reaction had layers. Chills. Love U back.~ people’s champ.”


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Although the fans experienced an adrenaline rush upon the return, what followed was beyond any fan’s wildest expectations. In addition to making an unexpected comeback to the WWE, he called for a possible fight with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

Johnson stated in his promotional line that he would prefer to be seated at the head of the table. This was a blatant reference to Reigns. It can be a nightmare for the tribal chief, but a dream match for many others.


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Dwayne Johnson Hinted at an Epic Battle with Roman Reigns?

Now that he is back, Dwayne Johnson is ready to cook up a storm. Amidst conjecture for several days regarding the possible reappearance of a ‘former WWE champion’ on Monday Night Raw, The Rock stunned fans by making a spectacular comeback to the ring in San Diego (via Wrestling Headlines).

The Rock (R) is likely to fight Roman Reigns (L) — WWE
The Rock (R) is likely to fight Roman Reigns (L) — WWE

It started with ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder Mahal objecting to the United States and politics before he was cut off by The Rock (via ComicBook).


“From tonight and from here on, you are not The Modern Day Maharaja, no.  You are the ‘Day One D**chebag”,  The Rock said, and the crowd began to repeat the phrase, “Day One D**chebag.

However, The Rock quickly reacted and used his signature moves, including the spinebuster to take Mahal down and The People’s Elbow to finish the face-off, before Mahal could capitalize on his first move attack. Johnson picked up the microphone again to address the cheering fans. With that, he asked a very focused question to get the audience interested:

“I am a little hungry. When I go out tonight to eat, should The Rock sit in a booth, at the bar or, at The Head of the Table?”

This seemed like a direct implication of a duel with Roman Reigns. The crowd knew exactly what was going to happen, so when The Rock said the final line, they cheered uncontrollably.

Dwayne Johnson | Instagram
Dwayne Johnson | Instagram

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This titanic battle looks to be a match that will be remembered for ages to come. WWE fans might be excited to watch this battle, which will have its place permanently etched in the history of the sport.


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