“This wasn’t because Jim was cheating on me”: James Cameron’s Ex-wife Feels Kate Winslet Starrer ‘Titanic’ Ruined Their Relationship

"This wasn’t because Jim was cheating on me": James Cameron's Ex-wife Feels Kate Winslet Starrer 'Titanic' Ruined Their Relationship

If the word blockbuster were a person, it would undoubtedly be James Cameron. The prolific director has been instrumental in creating some of the most iconic and commercially successful films in Hollywood while breaking every box office record in the book. From Terminator to Titanic to Avatar, the Oscar winner has moved through genres seamlessly, refusing to be boxed into any specific category as a filmmaker.

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James Cameron
James Cameron and Linda Hamilton were formerly married

Someone who has had a large role to play in James Cameron’s success as one of Hollywood’s elite filmmakers is his ex-wife and actor Linda Hamilton. Hamilton who was in a long marital relationship with the director during the 90s, was an integral part of his cult sci-fi franchise Terminator along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. While one of the reasons behind the couple’s divorce was attributed to professional clashes between them, Hamilton revealed the real reason behind the failure of their marriage.


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Titanic Drove James Cameron And Linda Hamilton Apart

Ex- couple Linda Hamilton and James Cameron worked together in one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters Terminator during a significant part of their relationship. While Hamilton alluded to butting heads with Cameron many times on set during the filming, the reason behind her breakup with the Avatar director was ironically due to one of Cameron’s most successful films, Titanic. Speaking of the detrimental effects of the disaster romance on their marital life, Hamilton said,


“Titanic was the mistress he left me for. He was the kind of man who really would rather be at work with the mistress than at home with the wife. That was hard to come to terms with.”

James Cameron
James Cameron on the sets of Titanic

The Terminator actor confessed that while the couple were already having marital issues and Cameron’s current wife Suzy Amis was in the picture, it was the director’s workaholism and professional obsession with the Oscar-winning Titanic that finally broke the straw on the camel’s back for Hamilton.

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Linda Hamilton Challenged James Cameron On Terminator Set

Hollywood actor Linda Hamilton played a key role in making James Cameron’s Terminator a record-breaking blockbuster. While the film has now officially gained cult status, Hamilton and Cameron who were married for a long time, constantly clashed with each other on set over creative decisions. The Dante’s Peak actor spoke of her former husband’s infamous temper and perfectionist attitude on set and how it actually resulted in both of them forming a romantic relationship.

“I’d known him from the first Terminator film and we did not particularly like each other or get along. I am probably the only actress in history to have stood up to him. Knowing he’s so controlling, I just got really strong. What really helped me open my heart to Jimbo was suddenly seeing him as a kid having a temper tantrum. But seeing him control everything on set was really sexy.”

James Cameron
James Cameron and Linda Hamilton on the sets of Terminator

Hamilton admitted that she was devastated after her relationship with Cameron crumbled as the thought of finding love all over again seemed like an impossible proposition for her. But with time healing all wounds, the actor picked herself up, put her past behind her and learnt to love herself and find contentment in her own happiness.


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