“This will probably fail”: Vince Gilligan Had Zero Confidence About Breaking Bad Spin-Off, Claimed To Do the Series Despite Thinking “It could have been a huge flop”

Vince Gilligan Had Zero Confidence About Breaking Bad Spin-Off, Claimed To Do the Series Despite Thinking “It could have been a huge flop”
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Creating spin-offs for a popular and well-loved drama series is one heck of a risky business, but doing prequels is like sticking out one’s neck, just exactly what Vince Gilligan did. After the massive success of Breaking Bad, he created Better Call Saul, a franchise that stood on its own.

Vince Gilligan
Vince Gilligan

Like any other project, be it a movie or TV show, it’s always a gamble to spend time and money on something one isn’t really sure about whether the audience will appreciate it or not. Since Breaking Bad has become a pop culture phenomenon, the creator has probably ridden on its fame.

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Vince Gilligan Believed Better Call Saul Would Become A Massive Flop

In an interview with The Guardian, Better Call Saul’s creator and producer Vince Gilligan revealed he was not confident about the spin-off and he had expected it to fail. He said:

It could have been a huge flop. But I had this feeling that if I didn’t get back on the horse after Breaking Bad – if I took a year off to travel the world (which I felt I’d earned) – I’d be afraid to do anything else because I’d be afraid of failure.”

Bob Odenkirk Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul

Indeed, after five seasons of Breaking Bad, Gilligan deserved that holiday. But still, he felt the need to do something else, and it was his fear of disappointment that held him back. He proceeded with the concept of a prequel even though he was not entirely sure it would work. The screenwriter added:

Jumping right back into this, I said to myself – like a mantra over and over again – “This will probably fail, this will probably fail.” But it didn’t, thank God. Maybe the comeuppance will come this season, but I kind of knew in my heart the biggest risk was to do nothing and risk never working again.”

Better Call Saul ran for six seasons and was unanimously praised for its character-driven drama. Many fans called it a “worthy successor” to the Breaking Bad series, as well as one of the best television shows of all time.


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Will Vince Gilligan Make More Breaking Bad Spin-Offs?

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

Gilligan said in an interview with Variety that he loves both his Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul franchises, but he also looks out for different stories as well. The filmmaker noted:

It’s the work of my lifetime — “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” — it’ll be the first thing engraved on my tombstone, and I couldn’t be more proud of it. And I kind of wonder if there are further stories to tell, but I don’t want to beat a dead horse.”

He revealed he didn’t want people accusing him of milking the franchise, and he would rather leave too soon than too late. Still, Gilligan concluded: “Never say never.”


Better Call Saul is available on Netflix.

Sources: The Guardian, Variety

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