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‘This won’t distract us from the cancelation of Inside Job’: Fans Swarm Netflix as it Releases YOU Season 4 Trailer, Demand ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Warrior Nun’ Revival

Inside-Job YOU-Season-4

It was as if bad news was followed by good because earlier Netflix confirmed that Inside Job was canceled after only one season. You kicks in with its fourth season’s trailer, showing Joe stuck in the depths of London, unable to escape. Perhaps being targeted rather than the other way around. Now that the trailer for You’s fourth season is out, fans are split between being excited about the show and feeling sad about another great show being canceled.

Joe and Love in You

While various Netflix shows have been greenlit for more seasons and will be getting their conclusions, a fair share of them have met their end even before they could spread their wings properly. This has rightfully upset the fans as they demand that a lot of these shows should get their deserving endings.

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Joe Goldberg Sees The Tables Turn In You‘s Latest Trailer

In previous seasons of You, it has been seen that Joe Goldberg would naturally stalk a girl and become obsessed with her, leading to a series of murders just to get her. This, while seemingly continuing in the upcoming season, posing to be an inescapable pattern of his, will eventually backfire. That would be because, in the fourth season, Joe might become the one being stalked.

Season 3 of You saw Joe and Love go head to head

Just like Joe would not be able to escape London, a lot of Netflix shows were not able to escape the streak of cancellation after only one or two seasons. This includes Inside Job and Warrior Nun, as well as 1899. In turn, the streaming giant has deeply upset the fans with their latest decisions. In a series of some shows gaining massive popularity while others not so much, yet receiving a heavy number of positive reviews, Netflix chose to continue with the shows that gained more popularity than those that didn’t.

Various TV shows take a couple of seasons to actually kick off and gain popularity, however, it seems as if a lot of Netflix originals would not get the chance.

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Fans Want Warrior Nun And Inside Job To Be Renewed

Inside Job
Inside Job gets canceled after only one season

Fans are seemingly heartbroken and want to see Warrior Nun, 1899, and Inside Job be given more seasons. These shows gained a fair share of fan following as well as praise from critics. The audience even states that You got a perfect ending in season 3, meaning that a fourth season was not even required.

The demand for the budget to focus on these shows rather than a series that already has a cult following is massive. Fans are upset by the wasted potential of these shows and all the fans that they could have gained had they not been canceled.

You’s fourth season’s first part will air on Netflix on 9th February 2023.

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