Thor 4: Jane Foster to Become a Valkyrie?

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Thor: Love and Thunder is set to be huge. Not only is Thor the first solo character to get a fourth movie in the MCU, but it looks like it could be introducing a whole new era. Director Taika Waititi (returning from Thor: Ragnarok) has decided to bring back Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster from the first two films.


Jane Foster

Jane Foster is an astrophysicist who met Thor by accidentally opening the Bifrost to Asgard. Since then, she and Thor have been romantically involved but they have been broken up for a while. Jane’s return to the MCU is a welcome one, but one made even more exciting by her character arc. Jane Foster is set to pick up Mjolnir and become the Mighty Thor.

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Natalie Portman’s return is clearly due to her role become more than substantial than a mere love interest. However, her role as Thor has led to speculation that Chris Hemsworth’s time might be over. That is, unless her stint as the Mighty Thor is only temporary, of course.


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The Mighty Thor

In the comics, Jane Foster became Thor after he became unworthy. Jane knew Thor was the ultimate defender of the Nine Realms and, after being unable to convince him of his worthiness, she took up the mantle herself.

However, at the time, Jane had cancer and the power of Thor had some horrid side effects. Every time she unleashed Mjolnir’s power, it halted her chemotherapy. Effectively, Jane was killing herself each time she had to protect the Realms.

jane foster
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After a harrowing battle with the Mangog – one which resulted in the loss of Mjolnir – Jane finally couldn’t take anymore and the cancer overwhelmed her. She passed away.

Jane’s heroics convinced Odin to resurrect her, albeit without the powers of Thor.

In regards to the MCU, Thor is still going through a lot in regards to Thanos. It would make sense for him to feel unworthy in Love and Thunder, leaving space for Jane to pick up the hammer. Seeing Jane’s heroism might revitalise Thor, meaning Jane’s time as the Mighty Thor would be short-lived, but important.



Since her time as Thor in the comics, Jane Foster has taken up the role of Valkyrie. On a slight twist on the character, Jane’s Valkyrie is a mistress of life and death.

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In the MCU, the Valkyries served as the best of Odin’s warriors. Tessa Thompson’s character is currently the only surviving Valkyrie and she is set to return in Love and Thunder. However, she now has the position of Queen of Asgard.

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With her new position, Valkyrie may be set on resurrecting the group of warriors she once belonged to. It’s possible that upon seeing Jane as Thor, she would recruit Jane as the first of a new line of Valkyries.

Not only does this solve the issue of keeping Chris Hemsworth as Thor, it would give Jane a pivotal new role in the MCU.


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